I have so many things to say that I am about to just explode and this is probably going to be a messy disaster post but here goes.

Yesterday I had my WIAW post pictures all done but we didn’t get home from the grocery store until 11:30!!!!  We hadn’t been in a month and really really needed everything and I am not even kidding, we walked in the store and the whole refrigerated (meats, dairy, produce) section was empty!!  We didn’t figure this out until we had all of our non-refrigerated stuff in the cart so we checked out there and went to another store to get all of our cold stuff.  What a debacle!

So here is my WIAW in a nut shell.


This morning I was able to go back to my Lululemon run group.  I haven’t been able to go since April because it is Wednesday nights and that is when the neuro night for our clinic is which I have been going to every week.  I was so excited to get to see everyone again and get a nice casual run in with everyone.

Bike ride to run, I live in such a beautiful place!

Bike ride to run, I live in such a beautiful place!

Group shot post run!

Group shot post run!

Then, when we got back to the store, they said they were gifting everyone that came a free pair of shorts!!!!!  I was so excited.  I of course got the Run Speed shorts and found this AWESOME pattern that I am now obsessed with.  There is a matching sports bra that is polka dotted that I may have to go back and get!

My new beauties!!

My new beauties!!

Plus, today is one of my favorite holidays.  I love that it is just a fun enjoyable day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas but I love the fourth for the same reason I love thanksgiving.  It is just a gathering of friends eating FOOD (best part really) with no expectations, or gifts or pressure.

I made my first dessert pizza today too.  I am so happy with how it turned out, hopefully it tastes as good as it looks!

2013-07-04 10.58.02

So now we are getting ready to head out for the day to the pool/beach and just relax (NO STUDYING) all day.

Hope you have a great fourth of July!

Scarlett ready for her first 4th of July!

Scarlett ready for her first 4th of July!



2 thoughts on “SO MUCH EXCITEMENT!

  1. FREE Lulu shorts?!?! That is awesome!! What a fun group. That grocery store story would have made me so mad. I love to grocery shop, but not that late at night hahaha. You’re a trooper!! HAPPY 4TH!

    • The shorts seriously made my day (possibly even week, or month)!
      I love going shopping too but two stores and that late, no way jose, no one likes that!!
      Hope you had a great fourth!

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