New Shoe Conundrum Part I

Sunday when I put my sneakers on I noticed this:

2013-07-02 19.12.18

And this:

2013-07-02 19.12.31

So I thought maybe I should look to see how many miles were on these shoes.  This is another awesome feature of garmin.  On the day I start with a new pair of shoes I label that run “New Shoes” so I can go back and track my miles.  I had put a grand total of 630 miles on these bad boys.  Not a bad run, especially since they were deal of the day on amazon so they were only like $35.

See ya later guys!

See ya later guys!

So Sunday night, before my Monday morning run, I laced up got the new guys ready.

2013-07-02 08.07.54

I was so excited for new sneaks and my Yasso’s went pretty well but I realized post run I had a little irritation on my right heel.  I figured I wouldn’t make any snap judgements and would wear them for my run this morning.

2013-07-02 19.13.08

That irritation because a yucky blister that I started to feel not even a quarter mile in.  UGH!!  I did my full 4 miles but the whole time I was figuring out who I could give these to and when I can go get my feet looked at to get some new guys.  They aren’t bad sneakers by any means, I just need custom orthotics when I run and they seat my foot in a bad spot in the shoe.

I hate new shoes, and I even more hate retiring old ones.  Its like breaking up.  I have spent so much time with them and they have kept me so sane through the good and bad times.  And new shoes, ya know it’s fun and exciting and shiny and fresh but they don’t know where your left heel rolls or that you slap your feet when you run angry or how you are light as a feather when you bring your puppy.  But as with all good relationships, it grows and develops with time and before long you don’t miss the old asics so much, you and the new guys are on your honey moon and its beautiful!

Hopefully I will find some newbies and this saga will end soon, until then the old asics are out of retirement!

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