Goal Re-eval

Today marks that this year is already half way over!  I can’t believe it, I think each and every year goes just a little faster than the year before!

In the PT world, we have to re-evaluate patient goals to make sure we are making progress, getting better, improving scores, etc.  I figured this may be a good idea to apply to my big long yearly goals!  I find this especially valuable when the goals are so long term (a whole year) to keep me on track and not forgetting what I really wanted to accomplish this year.

So how am I doin:

1.  Before my run this morning I had run 812 miles this year.  To make it to my 1500 miles for the year I had to be at 750 miles by today.  I’d say that one is quite taking care of itself!! Whew, I can’t believe I have run that far!

2.  I haven’t been doing as well with my strengthening goal as I would like to.  I just posted recently about my disappointment in that arena lately.  I am now going to “reset” my goal to at least do my minimal injury prevention strengthening circuit 2x through 2x/week until this race is over and then I would like to bump up the intensity again.

3.  My yoga once a week has gone a lot better than I honestly thought it would.  I have missed a week here or there but I am really pleased with my progress here.  Going to hot yoga once a week really helped with this goal for the past few months.  I have decided not to go back after a lot of internal debate.  I loved it but I just don’t have $120 to spend on 10 yoga classes at this point in my life and you can only get the Groupon once.  😦 I have however been continuing with at least a youtube video once a week.  It has reminded me how relaxing yoga can be (hot yoga wasn’t quite as relaxing, though a fantastic workout, in my opinion).

4.  My 5 servings of fruits/veggies and 8 cups a water are easily being met.  This is especially easy in the summer because all I want are cold foods and water.

Overall, I am pretty proud of my progress toward my yearly goals.

How are you doing with your yearly goals?