Swap It Out Sunday

I am not a huge sandwich eater any more, but I used to be.  Now I use bread more for pre-run fueling with some peanut butter, for eggs sandwiches or sometimes with a Boca burger for lunch.

Depending on the bread you could be tacking on 200 calories without even thinking about it.  Some breads can have as much as 250 calories in two slices.  I’m not sure about you, but I can think of a lot more delicious places (like some Ben and Jerry’s FroYo) that I would like to use 250 calories.

Luckily there are some alternatives…

Our bread options

Our bread options

I often use the Sara Lee bread for pretty much everything.  It is 90 calories for two slices, tastes good, is a decent size and does the trick.  If we are making french toast or something though we use the nature’s own.  It is a little thicker and more substantial.  This bread has 140 calories in two slices, so not too bad.

If bread if your thing, it may be totally worth it to calorically load there, but in my world if I can save here and use it on something a little sweeter later, thats what I’m gonna do!!