Swap It Out Sunday

I have offered up a few dessert options for swap it out Sunday but sometimes when you want ice cream, no substitute is going to cut it.

Yesterday during my 16 miler, all I could think about for most of the run was Ben and Jerry’s. I decided I earned it on my run (even though I know I should do most of my calorie replacement with ice cream, whoop) and headed to the store where I knew they were on sale this week.  They were on sale last week too, I swear Harris Teeter is trying to make me fat!

B and J

Half baked is my favorite flavor, followed closely by the Cinnamon Bun (I could hardly believe how amazing this was)!  Luckily, the Half Baked is offered in a Fro Yo version that has 80 less calories per serving.  With 200 calories per serving, it is a reasonable dessert/snack indulgence.

Side note, I no lie ate the entire pint (whoops) watching the hockey game last night.  I swear I was just sitting there eating and all of a sudden it was gone.  Based on myfitnesspal.com I had the “available calories” for it, but goodness I couldn’t believe I did it.  I swear I don’t usually ‘recover’ from a long run with a pint of ice cream for dessert, but it was amazing.  I don’t even feel a little bad!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Swap It Out Sunday

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