Where do all those ‘best intentions’ go?

This morning started with an absolutely gorgeous 8 mile run at marathon pace.  I ate half a banana then headed out the door to meet two friends of mine at 6:30 am and we set off.  It was ALMOST chilly when we started.  There was a nice breeze blowing, there was absolutely no humidity, it was maybe 75 degrees. You couldn’t ask for better conditions.

Post run, I had some Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats, a cup of coffee (with almond milk now, I’m getting off the creamer!) and got ready for my day.  I had a meeting from 9-10, class from 10-1 and then I was off see a patient I have been treating in our free clinic.

Once I got home, I felt like the pup could use some fresh air so I packed up a text book, put on my bathing suit and took Scarlett down to battery park!

Pretty girl!!  Sorry if you are sick of the pup pics, I just love her!!

Pretty girl!! Sorry if you are sick of the pup pics, I just love her!!

But as for the whole point of this story…

A few weeks ago you may remember a post I had called Keeping The Knee Pain Out of Running.  I created a quick, easy circuit to protect the knees during distance (or really any running) training.  Now, you may ask how many times I have done this since the post.  That would be TWICE!!  What the heck is wrong with me.  I can’t even take my own advice.

I spent some time today trying to think about where it went wrong and I think I figured it out.  I started running in the morning religiously and in order to not have to get up too early, I make sure I get up with just enough time to get my run in.  So since I used to strength train after running, I lost then when I moved all my runs to the morning time.

I have decided that since I am going to hot yoga once a week, I probably only need to get through this circuit 1-2x per week.  I am either going to start doing this in the afternoon one day a week (even though I will have run in the morning) or do these on Sunday when I don’t have any commitments and have an easy run.  The second option is probably the most practical and what I am most likely to follow through with.

Isn’t it funny how you can have the best intentions about things and then all of a sudden they are out the window without you even realizing the windows were open?!


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