The Run from H***

My first class was cancelled today which meant I didn’t have class until 10 and didn’t have to get up until 8 which was amazing!!  What was not so amazing was the it was hotter at 8 am today than it was at 4 pm, who knew.

I decided to take Scarlett for this run and it was her longest run yet, 4 miles (up from her regular 3).  The fact that it was so hot and humid did not bode well for us.  She pulled me back the first two miles (as she always does on the way out) but then was able to pick up the pace toward the end, her last split was a 7:00 min/mile with the first split an 8:53 min/mile.  She is the master of negative splits, haha.

The run itself was insane though, we were not in sync.  There was so much more traffic at 8 than there is at 6 or 7.  Trucks were honking at us, which scared her and made her dart all over the place.  There was a huge thunderstorm last night so there were puddle everywhere, which she gladly jumped in every single one.  She kept really trying to herd me today, which she always does but was especially bad today.  I think because it was a different route than the same 3 mile loops she has gotten so used to.  Anyway, she tripped me like 4 times and one time I was so close to actually face-planting it was outrageous.

To top off her lovely behavior, she had pooped in the yard right before we left so I didn’t bring a bag with us like I normally do, but she dug her heels in and leg one go right in the middle of the battery with so many people watching.  I was horrified, there was nothing I could do and I certainly wasn’t picking it up with my hands.  I said a quick “I’m sorry” to the gods and prayed for rain soon (which we got this afternoon) and continued on our way.

I absolutely love my four-legged running partner, but shesh, sometime she is more trouble than she is worth!!

Love my girl!!

Love my girl!!

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