Wheel Chair Basketball is Intense!

This morning started at 5:15 am, another miserable time for a Saturday!!  My run was glorious though.  It was nice and cool out (low 70’s), I got to watch the sunrise, it was a cutback week so I only had to go 10, recipe for awesome!

Good Morning!!

In the last 2 miles, glorious!

I got home with just enough time to shower, shove some cereal in my mouth and head over for the tournament.

The games were awesome.  My volunteer job was score keeping so I got to watch all of the morning games.  Our class team ended up winning the able body (AB) division which was pretty awesome.  This is our second year in a row taking the title.  It is no joke, they have been having practice once a week for the past two months or so, haha!!



I was able to leave at 12 to run over to the farmer’s market to get our produce for the week (since I wasn’t able to go last week, I didn’t want to miss two weeks in a row).  I got an awesome parking spot and was in and out with everything I needed in 20 minutes, making it back just in time for the exhibition game featuring the Charleston Hurricanes and the Georgia Hawks.

These guys were no joke!  There were so many tipped chairs, at first I was so nervous but they all recover so well and were so hard core.

After that game I did leave and come home to take a nap before diving in to studying for my first test of the semester in neuro Tuesday.  Hoping to maybe make it to the beach for an hour or so tomorrow, all depends how motivated I am tonight, and to be perfectly honest, I could pass out right now!!  But hey, I don’t have to set an alarm tomorrow, so thats a small victory in itself!!

Don’t forget Father’s Day is tomorrow!!

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