Yay!! My First Nature Box!!

Everyone loves getting mail, right?!  How about getting snacks in the mail?!?!

My Box!

My Box!

2013-06-13 15.25.47

2013-06-13 15.28.17My box included: Lemon Meringue Waffle Bites, Italian Bistro Pretzels, Taj Mahal Snack Mix, Whole Wheat Raspberry Figgy Bars (you all know how I love my fig bars) and Banana Bread Granola!!

Lemon Meringue Waffles

Lemon Meringue Waffles

These were fantastic!! The bag only had one serving (all the other snacks have 4-5) and I pretended that I was just going to eat half of them but we all know that didn’t actually happen.  That whole bag was gone within 15 minutes of hitting my front door step (luckily it was only 130 cals for the whole bag)!

Post race I also had a fig bar and today I enjoyed the banana bread granola with some yogurt for lunch!

2013-06-14 12.00.37I am so happy I got this.  So far everything I have tried has been fantastic.  My first box was $10 because I used a referral code so each snack was only 2 dollars!!  Next month it will be $20 but that is still only $4 a snack which is way cheaper than I would pay for any of this at Whole Foods or Earth Fare.

If anyone is interested in trying it out you can use this code: Share10 to get your first box for $10.  You can cancel any time if you don’t want it (but I’m highly doubting this will happen).

This post was not sponsored by, influenced by or even known by Naturebox.  This is solely my opinion of a great product that I wanted to share.  I received no kickbacks or benefits from producing this post!!  Just wanted to share the deliciousness with y’all!!

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