WIAW: Apparently Sausage Edition

Yesterday was pretty busy, and was a hot yoga day which meant lots of water and more food since its a big calorie burner!!  I have decided to do my WIAW based on Tuesday so I can do that post before late at night when I am done eating for the day, makes total sense!

Breakfast: Sundried Tomate Chicken Sausage with egg whites, spinach, mushrooms and a teeny bit of skim mozzarella cheese

2013-06-11 07.28.49

I am really making a valiant effort to not eat cereal every day.  I love cereal so it will still be a staple, but If I can sub things like this or over night oats a few times a week, I view that as a win.  Plus I stay fuller longer at school when I have had one of these options.  I was inspired to try to make a “breakfast bowl” by PBfingers.com.  She always has these great egg creations and I finally decided to try it, and it really doesn’t take that much longer to throw it together.  I PROMISE!!

Morning Snack: Sugar Cookie; I went by my school mailbox and my friend and ex-roommate 😦 had her white coat ceremony Friday (congrats to her) and her mom’s friend had made this cute little white coat cookies and she brought me one!

How stinkin adorable is that?!

How stinkin adorable is that?!

Lunch: Honey Fage Greek Yogurt with French Vanilla Almond Granola, Pineapple, Wheat Thins Flat Bread with Sun Dried Tomato Laughing Cow Cheese

2013-06-11 11.55.38

2013-06-11 12.11.27

2013-06-11 15.17.53

Pre-Hot Yoga Snack: Banana
2013-06-11 15.17.28Dinner: Dirty Rice, Sundried Tomato Chicken Sausage, Spinach, Onions, Mushrooms, Roma Tomatoe

2013-06-11 20.38.26

I got home from the endeavor with the flood and was so tired and didn’t feel like figuring something complicated out.  I just sauteed everything up in the same pan and added the rice that was left over from dinner the night before.

Night Snacks: Fig Bar, a few Teddy Grahams before I realized I really wanted Kettle Corn with some Dark Chocolate Almond Milk (great sweet/salty combo)

2013-06-11 20.54.09

2013-06-11 21.36.25

Not my healthiest day, but hey, I never claimed to be a saint.

Half way through the week y’all!!