Getting Lost is Not A Waste of Time

This weekend I have a friend coming in to town this weekend (actually in about an hour and a half, yay!) so I swaped my long run and pace run.  This meant a 13 miler this morning.  I get in touch with a friend of mine from run club to see if she wanted to join me and she obliged which was fantastic.  Long runs with someone else are so much better!!

She just this week moved to Mount Pleasant so I decided to plan a route to go around the area and show her what the best places are to run.  I met her at 8 and we hit the road.  We went down around under the Cooper River Bridge, over Shem Creek, down to Pitt Street Pier (I have posted many pictures from here before, it is gorgeous) then back around and across the highway so I could show her this really awesome gravel nature trail in I’on.  I however totally blew my guiding job at this point and took the right turn one turn to early.  Womp womp.

So we just kept running and I was hoping we would just link up with the next development over that I was trying to get to but that just never happened so I finally broke down and asked some wonderful ladies that were in their front yard gardening how the heck to get out.  This was one of the days that I realized that people are inherently good.  She took my sweaty, disgusting, foul smelling water bottle from me filled it with ice and water, gave us directions and offered to drive us if we got more lost and just need a ride home.  She was amazing and so sweet, everyone once in a while southern hospitality is a real thing.

We finally got back on the main road and headed back to my friends house sweaty, hot and I felt like a dummy for getting us lost.  But the views where we went wrong were beautiful, we met some wonderful people and we finished the run so I say mission successful!

Side Note: I have never done laundry in a laundromat ever in my life and today was the day.  It wasn’t bad at all but was certainly an experience.

2013-05-31 13.20.27

The beginning of endless folding!

The beginning of endless folding!

However when I got home and realized…

2013-05-31 14.40.14

that I left my sweaty clothes from this morning and from hot yoga last night I was not happy!!  My workout clothes are always what I run out of forcing me to do laundry so that means I will have to go back two days sooner…womp womp!

Happy Friday!!