Worth the Early Wake Up Call

After staying out until almost 2 last night with some of Casey’s friends that are in town for the weekend, I set my alarm when we got home for 8 am to hit the road.  Not only is it getting to be the time of year that you almost have to get up early to run (or go super late at night) but we have a jam packed day ahead of us.

So as I always do, I dreamed 5 times that I had gotten up and done the run waking up feeling awesome, only to realize I hadn’t gotten my butt out of bed yet.  But I, to my own surprise, got right out of bed when my alarm went off, got dressed, had a pre-run meal of wheat toast with peanut butter and banana slices of top, downed a glass of water and hit the road.

It was a glorious morning run.  The first hour was so pleasant, there weren’t a lot of people out yet, it wasn’t too hot, there was a nice breeze.  There were running people EVERYWHERE.  And let me tell you, morning running people are happy.  They have a smile ear to ear, which made me have a smile ear to ear so just a lot of good running vibes floating around downtown this morning.  The second half got a bit hotter but was doable.  I did my whole run around the perimeter of the peninsula along the water and then just doubled back to get home; the views are just amazing.  (If you are ever in Charleston, bring your running shoes and run the battery, the water is beautiful on one side and the houses are stunning on the other, its a win win everywhere you look).

My only downfall was that I failed to run slow enough again.  I literally can’t run a 9:05 mile no matter how many times my head tells me legs to slow down, it almost hurts more to run any slower than I am.

Morning Run

Morning Run

So now I am showered, recovered and am sipping coffee getting ready for this marathon day of fun.  We are going to hit the market to get our produce for the week, then we are going to a friends house who brews craft beers and is going to have a booth at the beer festival (we are just going to his house to sample his stuff so we don’t have to pay the $50 ticket price!!), then out on our friend’s boat for the afternoon, a cruise out to folly beach, dock up have a drink and some food.

Gonna be a great day, pictures to come!!  Have a fantastic Saturday!