Swap It Out Sunday

We are huge fans of Sausages, especially with summer grilling season coming.  Unfortunately these delicious, succulent, savory pieces of meat can really pack in calories and fat.  Luckily there are alternatives that may be even better than the real deal.

foodsubs.com image

image: foodsubs.com

We have really been hooked on the chicken sausages by Bistro Sensations.  They have many different kinds but we usually get the spinach and mozzarella or the smoked mozzarella with artichoke and garlic.  I like the chicken apple ones too, really they are all just fantastic.

These alternatives have 120 calories, 5g of fat and 17g of protein where a regular sausage can have as much as 286 calories, 23g fat and 16g of protein (average based on caloriecount.com).

The best part of this swap is that you are saving a ton of calories and fat and in my opinion the alternative is actually better!!

Happy mothers day!!  If you are a momma, thank you for being awesome, if not you all have a momma, giver her a call and tell her you love her!  Shout of to my own mom who is AMAZING.  I would never be anywhere close to where I am today without her!

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