Head Games

Today I completed week 1 of marathon training again.  I will hopefully be running the Lehigh Valley Health Network Via Marathon September 8th and HOPEFULLY qualify for Boston.  I can’t completely commit to the race until I know my fall class schedule but until then I will be training as if I am running it.

As I trudged the road on my long run today I thought about all of the hard work ahead of me.  After doing your first one, you think “no big deal, I’m doing this again.”  But then again you think, “what the heck, I am doing this again.”  Your body, and more importantly your mind is saying “don’t you remember how grueling training was” and today it was saying “it gets to be over 100 degrees every day here you nit wit!”

I am a person that picks a plan and rarely deviates.  I hardly ever miss a run, ever so that when I toe the line I know I am as prepared as I possibly could have been.  This race I have chosen to follow the Advanced 2 Hal Higdon Plan.  It covers a little bit every everything (hills, speed, tempo runs, long runs). The only thing it doesn’t incorporate is strength which I am planning to do basic hip and knee strengthening exercises and some core exercises two days a week after easier run.  After being in school this long, I know to cut out strength during training is to ask to be injured.  This coming week, I will post the most important exercises and stretches to hit and the physical therapy related reason as to why.

Anyways, so as I ran today I thought of the 18 weeks ahead of me and all the work I would have to put in to running and prepping.  I also though about how many big things will be happening to me over this summer. BIG STRESSFUL THINGS.  Like oh, you know, comp exams.  Training for this race, no matter how hard is probably the best thing I can do for myself through this time.  It will give me my “me time” and get my body moving while most of the rest of the day I will be studying my little heart out.

So I vow to myself to remember this moment and this post on the day that I am running 20 miles and its 90 degrees out and I am cursing my stupidity.

Run on my crazy friends!

Run on my crazy friends!

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