I’m a little spoiled

A few days ago, Casey asked me if we could go out and have dinner with his parents on Friday night.  I didn’t think much of it, we hadn’t been out there for a while so it seemed normal.

So yesterday, he shows up at my house in a cab (he had told me his dad was gonna drop him off at my house so we could drive out there together after he got done work).  I thought this was odd, and he was dressed up pretty spiffy.  I hurried to the door to let him in and he told me we weren’t going to dinner with his parents, that he was taking me for drinks at Bin 152 and then to dinner at Husk to celebrate me being done with my second year of school and for our 2 year anniversary.  It was the absolute sweetest thing.

At Bin 152 I had a glass of cabernet and we got a plate of sopressata and some cheese that the bar tender said it paired well with.  I completely forgot to get a picture of this but it was fantastic.

After that, we headed over to Husk.  Everything about it was fantastic.  We checked in and then went to the bar that is separate from the restaurant.  It is in a little carriage house to the side of the building, so cool!

Main restuarant

Main restaurant



Inside the bar area, they had a full leg of a pig, which I had never seen before.  It had been smoked and they were just shaving pieces off right there on the spot.

Smoked Pig Leg

Smoked Pig Leg

We also found the Pecan Beer that we haven’t been able to find since we went to Atlanta back in March.  I had been drinking wine, but I had to just have one of these since we have been searching for it forever!  Casey also had some fantastic gin drink that looked very official to make but it was phenomenal (and I don’t even like gin)!

Fantastic pecan beer!

Fantastic pecan beer!

When our table was ready, the main restaurant called over to the bar to let us know and we took our drinks right over to have dinner.

The food and service was amazing!  (Seriously it sounds like they paid me to write a review for them, I swear I didn’t).

Clams with asparagus, onions, tomatoes in broth.

Clams with asparagus, onions, tomatoes in broth.

Pheasant, this was new to me

Pheasant, this was new to me and amazing!

The other really cool thing about Husk is that everything there is local.  Right when you come in, there is a board that says where every single thing on the menu came from, right down to the olive oil they cook with!  The menu also changes daily which I always love.

As if that wasn’t enough food, we went by Kaminski’s on the way home.  I got a Smore’s cake and Casey got Butterfinger and we took them home to enjoy in our sweat pants.  Thank god I squeezed in a longish run yesterday.

I was so surprised and blown away.  I am a very lucky girl for sure!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!





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