Liebster Award


After an amazing day of relief yesterday I came home to find that I was nominated for the Liebster award.  Cherry on top of my day!!  I want to thank Ani Danelz for the nomination!!   I will also nominate other bloggers at the end of this post, the rules are:

  • Thank the person that nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions from the nominator
  • Nominate 11 new bloggers
  • Ask 11 Questions to the nominated recipients

Ani Danelz Questions:

1.  What is your favorite post on your blog?

This one is tough, but I think my favorite is Addicted to Running.  Runners are just different, it isn’t a bad thing and if you think it is, you must not be a runner.  Everyone has their thing, mine is to run!

2.  What are your favorite kind of blogs to read?

I really like to read food blogs.  I have some ideas of my own but sometimes my brain is so lazy by the time dinner rolls around.  One I have been really using a lot is  Her recipes are amazing!!

3.  Why do you blog?

This questions has really evolved.  I started my blog because I am in PT school and am a runner and I feel like I have a lot of knowledge to share with people about what I know and how to prevent and take care of injuries.  Being derailed by pain is the worst, prevention is the best in my book!!  (Strength train people)  But now, I blog about a lot of things, I like to connect with other people that are like me I guess.

4.  What are you most excited about this spring/summer?

I am excited to go home this summer for a wedding and take Casey to where I am from (he hasn’t been there yet)!  It will be a quick weekend trip because of school but I can’t wait!

5.  What is your favorite song?

This is an impossible question.  I guess one that I always love all the time is Hero by The Foo Fighters.

6.  Is there any food you absolutely will not eat?  If so, what is it?

Melons (except watermelon).  I swear to you I have tried to like it so many times, but I’m sorry, its just gross!

7.  Do you have any bad habits?

I pick at my feet.  I know that is gross but my feet are gross from constantly running and the big toe nails are always a mess.

8.  What is your favorite part about yourself?

I love that I can dedicate myself whole heartedly to school, which will eventually lead to whole hearted dedication to my future patients.

9.  What is your favorite restaurant/type of restaurant?

I love Thai food.  I can never make it as good as them so I just let them do the Pad Thai.  YUMM!

10.  What is your favorite flavor of frozen yogurt/ice cream?

I love coffee everything.  Really I just love coffee and if it can invade other things, I’m happy about it!

11.  Where have you lived?

I was born in Hawaii (my dad is a marine).  When I was two we returned to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and I stayed there until I was 21.  Then I made my big independent move to Charleston, South Carolina to go to physical therapy school.  (Beach theme, if you can’t tell)!

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My Questions for you:

1.  What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

2.  Where is your favorite place you have traveled?

3.  Whats your favorite healthy snack?

4.  What is on the top of your bucket list?

5.  What is your favorite color?

6.  Do you have a tattoo?  If so, what and where?  If not, have you ever wanted one?

7.  Beach or Mountains or can you just not decide?

8.  Do you have a pet?

9.  What piece of technology could you not do without?

10.  What is your favorite book?

11.  Why do you blog?

What I Ate Wednesday: Just Done Finals Edition

It’s done, over, finito, caput!!  I am officially a third year PT student!!

I took my last final and got all of my grades back and absolutely nailed EVERY SINGLE ONE!!  I am seriously on a cloud of joy that nothing could bring me down from.  That being said, there was a lot of celebratory eating today so it looks a little rough healthy wise.  But let me tell you, every bite was totally worth it!!

Breakfast (I started out good):

Overnight Oats: Peanut Butter and Banana and Coffee

Overnight Oats: Peanut Butter and Banana and Coffee

The mug had the right vibe for the morning!!

Aerial view of the oats

Aerial view of the oats

This is one of my favorite breakfast that I had kinda forgotten about recently.  It keeps me so full for so long.  I found this recipe online and love it.  Click here for various recipes.

I went and took my last final (Neurological Rehab, doesn’t that sound fun) and felt soooo good about it when I was done.  A group of people from my class headed to this awesome restaurant in Folly Beach called The Lost Dog Cafe.  I went decked out in summer gear (bathing suit, beach chair, towel, book), determined to head to the beach after eating, despite the 65 degree temperatures.  That part of the plan failed but my lunch was amazing!

Eggs Benedict with a Shrimp cake and a Crab cake on and English Muffin with Asparagus and fruit salad!

Eggs Benedict with a Shrimp cake and a Crab cake on and English Muffin with Asparagus and fruit salad!

After going home and allowing all of this to settle I went for a run and did the same circuit from PB Fingers that I did the other day.  It is awesome, kicks my butt, and makes me sweat like a pig.  My run flew by too, I had only planned to do less than a 4 miler because of the circuit but I ended up almost hitting 5.  I love runs like that!

Post Run Snack:

2013-05-01 20.55.15

I showered, got myself ready and then headed to the free clinic for the night.  I had two fantastic patients.  One just learning to use a prosthetic limb and the smile on his face after walking without a walker melted my heart and helped me realize all the hard work I put in studying each day will make it worth it some day soon.  Added bonus, I get to work with the same two patients next week!!  It is so great being able to actually follow patients (which is hard in our free clinic) week to week and actually see all of their progress first hand.

Anyway, off on a tangent.  After that it was late and Casey didn’t feel like eating, and I felt like celebrating such a wonderful day so we ate out again (whoops).  We went to a place called Co that has Thai Style food and I got my fav, Pad Thai with Chicken and Shrimp.

Glass of red of course!

Glass of red of course!



I ate the whole thing with chop sticks too which is a huge accomplishment in my world!

I sincerely hope that you had half as good of day as I had because even that would be incredible.  Nothing like seeing hard work pay off!!

Give tomorrow your all, it will make you feel amazing later!!