Getting Lost is Not A Waste of Time

This weekend I have a friend coming in to town this weekend (actually in about an hour and a half, yay!) so I swaped my long run and pace run.  This meant a 13 miler this morning.  I get in touch with a friend of mine from run club to see if she wanted to join me and she obliged which was fantastic.  Long runs with someone else are so much better!!

She just this week moved to Mount Pleasant so I decided to plan a route to go around the area and show her what the best places are to run.  I met her at 8 and we hit the road.  We went down around under the Cooper River Bridge, over Shem Creek, down to Pitt Street Pier (I have posted many pictures from here before, it is gorgeous) then back around and across the highway so I could show her this really awesome gravel nature trail in I’on.  I however totally blew my guiding job at this point and took the right turn one turn to early.  Womp womp.

So we just kept running and I was hoping we would just link up with the next development over that I was trying to get to but that just never happened so I finally broke down and asked some wonderful ladies that were in their front yard gardening how the heck to get out.  This was one of the days that I realized that people are inherently good.  She took my sweaty, disgusting, foul smelling water bottle from me filled it with ice and water, gave us directions and offered to drive us if we got more lost and just need a ride home.  She was amazing and so sweet, everyone once in a while southern hospitality is a real thing.

We finally got back on the main road and headed back to my friends house sweaty, hot and I felt like a dummy for getting us lost.  But the views where we went wrong were beautiful, we met some wonderful people and we finished the run so I say mission successful!

Side Note: I have never done laundry in a laundromat ever in my life and today was the day.  It wasn’t bad at all but was certainly an experience.

2013-05-31 13.20.27

The beginning of endless folding!

The beginning of endless folding!

However when I got home and realized…

2013-05-31 14.40.14

that I left my sweaty clothes from this morning and from hot yoga last night I was not happy!!  My workout clothes are always what I run out of forcing me to do laundry so that means I will have to go back two days sooner…womp womp!

Happy Friday!!

WIAW Back to School

Today was busy start to finish.  I feel like so many of my past posts (and future ones for that matter start that way).  I did a lot of little snacks throughout the day more than a meal because I was in the clinic once again tonight so I didn’t get to eat dinner until 9ish. YIKES!

Pre-run Snack: Half Banana

2013-05-29 07.03.13

I set the alarm for the insane hour of 5:50.  Woke up, got out of bed before I could change my mind.  Shoved a half a banana down and met my friend Lia for a morning tempo run.  We had a really good run (this was the first time we have run together).  We went out a little fast for a tempo but overall it was great and we pushed each other big time in the middle part of the run.  It was nice having a challenge especially because my legs didn’t feel awesome and I’m sure I would have backed off the pace a little bit had I been alone.

Breakfast: Gingerbread coffee (I don’t care that it is the opposite of Christmas) and PB banana overnight oats

2013-05-29 07.07.52

Had my morning of class and stayed pretty full almost the whole time (the overnight oats are the best for staying full for a while).  My hunger pangs toward the end of class had a lot more to do with being bored than actually being hungry.

Lunch: Honey Greek Yogurt with French Vanilla Almond Granola; Garlic and Parsley Wheat Thins Flatbread with Sundried Tomato Laughing Cow (fantastic combo)

2013-05-29 12.06.21


Post lunch we had one class left and we actually finished up early.  I had prepared to just stay at school until clinic tonight but decided to come home and get work done here for a while and take Scarlett for a walk so she wasn’t cooped up all day.  Low and behold Casey had taken her to work with him to play with the dogs that lived at the house they are working on.  She apparently had quite a day and has pretty much been comatose since I got home!

Scar's Play Day

Scar’s Play Day

Snacks: Sliced Strawberries, Garlic Hummus and Carrots, Fig Bar (I freaking love these things and I don’t even like Fig Newtons), Jello Pudding Sugar Free

snackAfter getting a good start on my Neuro work I headed back to the clinic where I had a wonderful night with both of my patients.  To top it off, Casey had dinner made when I got home!!  Huge points for him.

Dinner: Chicken with Homemade Red Sauce and Pasta (he got really creative, we are running out of food)



I’m sure before the night is over I will eat the other Fig Bar in the package from earlier, I am legit addicted.

Happy for a rest day from running tomorrow (even though we will be doing hot yoga tomorrow night).  I love getting up and doing the run in the morning, its a great way to start my day and so nice to have it out of the way.  However, I will definitely not be upset ‘sleeping in’ until 7:30 tomorrow!


What do you do with your stress?

First, advice from an idiot.  Don’t eat a burrito and then do 4x quarter mile hill repeats two hours later.  It is the sure fire way to make you feel like your intestines are burning!!  (From experience yesterday, although by some miracle my splits were actually good).


Today was my first day back for the summer semester.  After taking a peaceful early morning jog with the pupster I had high hopes for how today would go.  I had plenty of time getting ready, no rushing around.  Took a nice leisurely bike ride to school and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  That was pretty much where my inner peace ended.

I knew this semester was going to but nutso but I had no idea how much!!  By 10:00 this morning my class schedule had already changed for the day which completely eliminated my ability to go to work or get any studying done.  Apparently this is what we have to look forward to over the entire summer.  This is not ideal for someone that literally plans every second of the day so when changes arise, I am not the most flexible individual.   I am going to have to learn this skill though because otherwise I am going to make myself crazy over things I can’t control.

In the middle of this day we also were presented with our choices for our final two clinical experiences.  Casey and I had planned to go to Denver for the last two but those aren’t going to be offered as options so now we are in a rut.  It is quite the dilemma because I want the best clinical experiences I can possibly get but leaving and finding housing for two month, by myself is daunting.  Those big decisions have to be made June 19th for the third clinical and 26th for the last one so by June 27th I will know my future until that whole big girl job thing will have to kick in.

My way to deal with stress is usually to run, but since I had already done that I came home and started making lists, calendars, spread sheets, pro-con lists.  You name it, I did it.  All these insane obsessive compulsive things I was doing pretty much just told me that I don’t have a lot of control and the best thing to do is just to start from the top and actually ACCOMPLISH something.  Making lists and stressing about the things that had to be done didn’t actually work toward tackling the giant amount of things I need to do, but diving in would.

So I cleared my desk, got out materials to study for comps and hopped to it and I feel so much better for it now.  I can actually say I got something done tonight.  This may be a major break through for this girl.

But I will tell you one thing, I can’t wait for my moments of peace tomorrow morning on the road where I can leave it all behind, even if only for a 35 minutes.

Swap It Out Sunday

I am a chocoholic, really anything sweet is my kryptonite (except tapioca pudding, that stuff is just not good).  After dinner, or lets be honest lunch, I always crave something sweet.  It doesn’t need to be much, it just needs to be something!


Now, don’t let this fool you, I certainly indulge in a chocolate chip cookie (I actually just had one left over from the weekend, which inspired this SIOS) but I try not to make it a habit.  I have found that substituting one or two dark chocolate hershey kisses satisfies my craving without totally undoing a day of healthy eating.

With only 20 calories a pop, having two of these rather than a cookie would save you on average 60 calories.  I also have rarely in my life seen people able to eat one chocolate chip cookie, so add one or two more.  Plus the milk that is absolutely essential to the cookie and you are looking at a 200-300 calorie savings with this swap.

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!

Vestivus for the Rest-of-us

Sorry to have been MIA the past few days.  Thursday morning Casey’s friends came into town and it has been non-stop since.  I got a quick 6 mile run in right when they got here and then I made peanut butter chocolate chip pancakes for all of us for breakfast.  I will have to post this recipe when I make it again.  I had started by following a recipe and then totally winged it so I will have to remember a little better when I make it again.

The rest of the day we just hung out and lazed around until it was time to go to the Vestivus.  This is a bar crawl (sort of) in honor of Casey’s oldest brother’s birthday.  We call him the Vest (I didn’t even know his real name until I had been dating Casey for like 6 months.  Anyway, so everyone we know goes out wearing only Vests to our local baseball game and then we go from there.

Casey and I all Vested up!

Casey and I all Vested up!

View from the baseball stadium, too beautiful not to share!

View from the baseball stadium, too beautiful not to share!


2013-05-23 19.51.452013-05-23 20.32.242013-05-23 20.53.292013-05-23 21.08.51So thats the Vestivus.  I was fairly, 100% non-functional yesterday so I was so happy to get my legs moving on the road this morning for my LSD run.  I felt fantastic.  It was really just awesome to do something rather than just laze on the couch all day.  Now I think we are off to the beach for the day!!

Happy memorial day weekend y’all (and remember the reason for the holiday and thank you service men and women)!!


What I Ate Wednesday

Today was super productive which is good because I was planning to have tomorrow to study as well but Casey’s friends are going to get here at around 7 am so there’s not a chance I will be accomplishing anything else during this break.  This is kinda of liberating knowing I have 5 straight days where I am not going to force myself to learn ANYTHING!!  Anyways:

Breakfast: Overnight Oats with Peanut Butter and Banana and Coffee (of course)

2013-05-22 09.05.26

I studied for a while, finished the second book in the Karen White Tradd Street Series and went for a run then had…

Lunch: Spinach Salad with Chicken, grapes, pecans, feta, Craisins and raspberry vinaigrette dressing

So fantastic!

So fantastic!

Snacks: Honey Crisp apple with PB Greek Yogurt Dip, Kashi Mocha Almond Bar

2013-05-22 16.20.10

2013-05-22 17.32.54

I stopped by my old house after clinic and saw my old roommate and the new girls living there.  It was so weird that someone else was living in my room and that that wasn’t my home anymore.  After that little detour (Beth and I get pretty chatty sometimes all the time) I didn’t get home until 9 and Casey still wasn’t home so I threw together a quick stir fry and called it a day.

Dinner: Stir Fry with beef, peppers, broccolli, yellow zucchini, onions and lemon soy sauce

2013-05-22 21.37.19

Dessert: Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Oat No Bake Bar

Fantastically chocolatey and delicious!

Fantastically chocolatey and delicious!

I have to share this story as well.  This story is about a patient I have been working with in our free clinic for the past few weeks.  He is amazing, as is my friend Nathan.  I seriously feel like a better person just by knowing him.  If you have a second, please read this; it will lift your spirits and give you a little more faith in the world!

Keeping the Knee Pain Out of Running

One of the most common problems distance runners come upon is knee pain.  This occurs often because of an increase in miles faster than your body is ready for it.  The other reason is your hips and knees just aren’t strong enough to take the pounding, literally.

Based on what I have learned in school and the research I have done throughout I have developed a quick circuit that you can supplement your runs with to avoid injury!

Injury Circuit

Rationale for each:

  • Squats and Lunges: increase quad strength and improve patellar tracking to reduce Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)
  • Fire Hydrants: strengthens hip external rotators to align the hip and therefore the knee better; be sure you hip is the only part of you that is moving, the rest of your body should be stable throughout
  • Standing Leg Lifts: this one is a double wammy, the leg you are standing on gets strengthened as well as the one you are lifting (use resistance bands if you have them available and hold a chair or desk for balance if needed).  This strengthens your hip abductors helping maintain hip and pelvis alignment preventing knee, hip and back pain.
  • Plank, Crunches and Push Ups: these all strengthen your core, which will be super important in the late miles of a marathon, you can pull everything you need from your core if its strong (I live and die by my core strength); be sure not to be lazy on the planks (your quads, hamstrings, glutes, abs and back should all be working during this exercise; don’t let your back drop down because it increases pressure and can cause back pain)

I plan on doing this on my two easy days of running during the week.  This isn’t a circuit meant to make you “big” or define any muscles, rather to protect your joints to withstand the pressures you are demanding out of it.  You can add weights if you feel it necessary, but it is most important to focus on form and make sure you are getting good quality work outs in.

Any questions are welcome, I in fact love it (helps me review for my comp exams)!

Just Making Lemonade Over Here

There is never really a day that I wake up and have to do half mile intervals and think, “Man I can’t wait to go do my run today.”  I had high hopes for my speed work today.  I spent an hour studying and what not then loaded my workout up on my Garmin and headed out.

Seconds after stepping foot outside the door I felt the spit of rain drops.  It wasn’t really much so I said, sure I will just keep going, its only four reps and I will be doing them right by the house if the cats and dogs start coming down.  Half way through my second rep I was still happy I kept at it, the workout would be done before I knew it and it had yet to really rain.  As soon as I finished that rep, the sky opened but at this point I was half way done and I certainly wasn’t quitting now.  Whats worse than plain Yasso 800’s, thats right, Yasso 800s in pouring rain and head winds.  The upside, it could be 100 degrees at this time of year so the cool rain was a nice relief from sixth circle of hell we are used to in Charleston in May.



My goal for the marathon in 3:30 so my goal for each 800 was 3 minutes and 30 seconds.  Rep 3 and 4 were a little faster than I wanted but I was just trying to get out of the rain.

Sorry for the poor quality, soaking wet post workout, feeling great though!

Sorry for the poor quality, soaking wet post workout, feeling great though!

Overall successful speed work day, and retrospectively, the rain was amazing!!

Pic from the weekend of Case and I at the beach!

Pic from the weekend of Case and I at the beach!  Didn’t end up on the boat but any day out in the sun is a win in my book!

Happy Monday!



Swap It Out Sunday

The end of this month has and will bring a lot of visitors for Casey and I.  This means lots of going out and having drinks at bars.  I am a person that HATES to drink her calories and I sometimes get a glass of red wine if we go out to dinner, but usually I just get water.



So whats best when you are trying to be good?

I try to stick to beer or wine.  A glass of most red wines average 96 calories for a 5 oz. glass, a light beer (emphasis on light, beers can really pack in calories too) averages 110 calories for a 12 oz bottle (

A margarita averages 168 calories in a 4 oz drink while a cosmo for example has 146 calories in a 2.75 oz drink.  And I don’t know about you but I have never been served a drink that is 4 or 2.75 oz so some multiplying is unfortunately necessary (

Having 2 glasses of red wine would give me 192 calories of drinks while if I had two margaritas (estimating an 8 oz drink) I would drink 672 calories!!! Yikes.

Drinking is tricky, luckily we hardly ever do it (yes I am a lame 23 year old) but it is nice to make a little better choices when we do.




Worth the Early Wake Up Call

After staying out until almost 2 last night with some of Casey’s friends that are in town for the weekend, I set my alarm when we got home for 8 am to hit the road.  Not only is it getting to be the time of year that you almost have to get up early to run (or go super late at night) but we have a jam packed day ahead of us.

So as I always do, I dreamed 5 times that I had gotten up and done the run waking up feeling awesome, only to realize I hadn’t gotten my butt out of bed yet.  But I, to my own surprise, got right out of bed when my alarm went off, got dressed, had a pre-run meal of wheat toast with peanut butter and banana slices of top, downed a glass of water and hit the road.

It was a glorious morning run.  The first hour was so pleasant, there weren’t a lot of people out yet, it wasn’t too hot, there was a nice breeze.  There were running people EVERYWHERE.  And let me tell you, morning running people are happy.  They have a smile ear to ear, which made me have a smile ear to ear so just a lot of good running vibes floating around downtown this morning.  The second half got a bit hotter but was doable.  I did my whole run around the perimeter of the peninsula along the water and then just doubled back to get home; the views are just amazing.  (If you are ever in Charleston, bring your running shoes and run the battery, the water is beautiful on one side and the houses are stunning on the other, its a win win everywhere you look).

My only downfall was that I failed to run slow enough again.  I literally can’t run a 9:05 mile no matter how many times my head tells me legs to slow down, it almost hurts more to run any slower than I am.

Morning Run

Morning Run

So now I am showered, recovered and am sipping coffee getting ready for this marathon day of fun.  We are going to hit the market to get our produce for the week, then we are going to a friends house who brews craft beers and is going to have a booth at the beer festival (we are just going to his house to sample his stuff so we don’t have to pay the $50 ticket price!!), then out on our friend’s boat for the afternoon, a cruise out to folly beach, dock up have a drink and some food.

Gonna be a great day, pictures to come!!  Have a fantastic Saturday!