One More Final

Thats right y’all, I have one final left to take!!  Woooo hooo!  Inevitably, my school also schedules our hardest, most meaningful final last.  It’s fine with me though because I started studying for this Neuro exam long ago since I knew it would be my toughest one and I would be worn out by now.

Today was jam packed and I didn’t even realize it until I sat down to write this post.  I took my test at 10:00 (it went well by the way), went to work for my work study for an hour right after that, went home and had lunch, went to Starbucks to study for a few hours, came home and fit a quick run in (in the rain), went to hot yoga, just made dinner and am about to sit down and study for the rest of the night.

I am worn out, as I always am after giving it my all at hot yoga.  It literally takes everything out of me.  So I plan to do just a little more studying tonight before turning in early so I can get up early and get right back to studying first thing in the morning.

My problem now is trying to figure out how to study at this point?  I have gone through and made all my own notes, organized those notes, made pictures and charts, read through all of these and now I have run out of strategies.  My mom always tells me that probably means I’m done, but I never feel like I’m done.

Oh and I keep pretending I’m done Wednesday but I am taking my Certified Strength and Conditioning exam on Monday as well!!  Womp, womp.  Guys seriously, next time I get crazy ideas like this, STOP ME!!

Happy Monday all!

Do you have any tried and true study techniques? Do you ever feel like you are truly done studying?