Swap It Out Sunday

Bagel vs. English Muffin

Bagel vs. English Muffin

I feel like breakfast has gotten a lot of attention on the Swap it out Sunday front but when sugar and carbs are greatly excepted main dishes, its hard to get it right.  I think breakfast was where I used to get into the most trouble.  Heck, I love cereal so much (because of all the sugar I’m sure) that I used to eat it for dessert or an afternoon snack!

Bagels are a major love as well, carbs and dough really own my soul!  When we make egg sandwiches though on the weekends, it kills me that just the bagel alone is 280 calories.  So recently, I have been getting myself a bag of english muffins so when Casey makes these for us I just have mine on that.  I get to save calories and still participate in our Saturday/Sunday morning breakfast ritual.

I get the light multigrain ones so this swap saves me:  170 calories, 3 g of fat and gain 5 g of fiber!  This has the potential to save me over 2.5 pounds in a year just by making this swap the one day a week.

There’s no way I’m giving up bagels cold turkey (especially whenever we go back up north) but any time I can make this switch at home I try to do it!

Happy Sunday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Swap It Out Sunday

  1. I cannot remember the last time I had a bagel! Have you seen Thomas’ bagel thins? They are an excellent substitution for bread in sandwiches (both the lunch and breakfast variety). They come in whole wheat and are only 100 calories (I think.)

    • I tried those once but I feel so ripped off. Bagels are just a weakness for me. The ones out of the bag I can leave alone but the ones in bakeries at home, I will put in extra miles for those!! 🙂

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