Charleston Runs for Boston

This morning was a day that I can say absolutely restored my faith in humanity.  A few days ago I saw a facebook post of a woman asking for people to gather Sunday morning to run in honor of Boston.  I quickly committed to attendance (despite the 8 am start) and reposted on my facebook page.  A few friends of mine said they were going and I thought we would have a small group of like 30 or so.  NOT THE CASE.

2013-04-21 08.38.55

What I saw when I showed up this morning astounded me.  There were well over 400 people (the 400 race bibs that were donated ran out and there was a line for a while that didn’t get one).  People had their kids, I brought Scarlett and other people had their dogs.


The “race” was not even sort of competitive.  It was purely, simply people running together for the camaraderie, to share their stories and their journeys along the road.  What really astounded me was the finish.  EVERYONE stayed to cheer EVERYONE in.  There was clapping and cheering, couples with their past race Boston shirts on.  I was literally brought to tears by the overwhelming support everyone showed for one another.

Scarlett pooped after the run!

Scarlett pooped after the run!

In honor of this occasion, swap it out sunday will resume next week.

2 thoughts on “Charleston Runs for Boston

  1. Amazing that these runs are taking place all over the country, I really wish I had been able to go to one, but unfortunately none were/ are at a time I can go. Incredible to see the support of runners!

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