Another Super Productive Saturday

Having the farmer’s market back in town as been great for my productivity.  I get up and am more motivated to get moving so I can get good produce!

This week I got a ton more great stuff including another watermelon (I ate the last one in like 4 days).  I also tried this great bar that I got a sample of as we walked by.  I meant to go back and get some but I completely forgot (there is always next week).  They are made of only dried fruit and nuts.  I couldn’t believe how great they tasted with no refined anything in them.

Nutty Goodness Bars

Nutty Goodness Bars

After getting dragged home from the market by Scarlett, I went for an 8 mile run over the Cooper River Bridge to Shem Creek and back.

Views from the Top

Views from the Top

For the rest of the afternoon, I did some cleaning around the house and did a ton of studying for my upcoming finals (two Thursday, one next Monday and one Wednesday ending in the grand finale of the CSCS exam the following Monday).  My brain hurts just thinking about it, one day at a time!

I made a huge stir fry with a lot of the vegetables we got at the market this morning and it was fantastic.  While that was cooking up I made my Whole Wheat Banana Bread because I had some bananas that were on their last leg.

After all of that I still wasn’t done, I was quite domestic today.  I finished my night with my favorite sweet (but not too bad for you) treat.

Grilled Banana with Peanut butter, marshmallow and dark chocolate!!

Grilled Banana with Peanut butter, marshmallow and dark chocolate!!

Whats your favorite not so guilty sweet pleasure?


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