What I Ate Wednesday

So I have to apologize in advance for the especially crappy pictures this go around.  It was an incredibly busy day and I was just frantically trying to get these in.

Breakfast: typical cereal and coffee

2013-04-17 07.23.44

Midmorning Snack: Clementine

2013-04-17 11.03.32

Lunch: We had a lunch meeting, pot luck today for the board of our student run free clinic.  These things are always a challenge but I did the best I could to be pretty healthy and keep my portions small.  I filled half my plate with veggies and fruit and then took small portions of the mac and cheese, bbq and a mini chocolate chip cookie.
2013-04-17 12.10.12

Post Run Snack: Zico Dark Chocolate Coconut Water, my recent post workout/run go to!

2013-04-17 19.24.03

Dinner: We have a weekly dinner with our friend’s Lindsey and Clay and this way Clay made what he called Chicken Bog (Chicken, rice, veggies and a few small slices of hot smoked sausage) and lima beans (also known as butter beans in the south).  It was fantastic!  Looks really weird in pictures though I know.

2013-04-17 20.31.04

2013-04-17 20.44.56

Dessert:  After putting in a solid 8 miles today I decided I could reward myself with a little bit of ice cream Casey got.  Love using a small bowl to make it look like I have a lot of ice cream even when it isn’t much!

2013-04-17 21.24.21

At run group tonight, we also showed our support for Boston taking our picture and posting it to the Run for Boston facebook group that was collecting these pictures from all around the world!!  What a remarkable turn out, it was awesome to peruse the site and see how many people participated today.  Made me feel better about my faith in humanity!!2013-04-17 18.48.43

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