Aftermath: How Can We Help?

The day after tragedies like what have occurred in Boston has always been the hardest for me to stomach.  It doesn’t seem right that some people’s lives have been so drastically altered yet I got up and went about my day just like any other.  I always feel such a helpless feeling on this day.  I just want to help but have no idea how.

Runner’s world magazine has been posting ideas to show your support which I perused to see what I could do from Charleston.

Runners World: Boston Running Community Bands Together

Facebook Group: 137 by May 15th

Log your Charity Miles for: Achilles International or Wounded Warrior Project

Charleston Residents:  Charleston Runs for Boston

So I put in a few miles for Achilles before going to hot yoga which was probably the best way for me to channel my energy today.  I dedicated my practice at the beginning to the victims yesterday and had the most calming, strong, productive practice I have ever had in yoga. I poured my heart and soul into my efforts today, having a purpose made it so much more meaningful.

If anyone else knows any good ways to get involved, please share them.  The more people that know, the more can make the difference.

Wear your blue and gold tomorrow during your run to show your support!!