No Adequate Words

I have pondered all day what I would write in this post.  After pouring over the news, watching the devastation and reading countless articles, twitter, facebook and blog post I am no closer to knowing how to express exactly what all of this means to me.


Since the first time I crossed a marathon finish line three and a half years ago Boston has been a far away (and recently not so far away) dream.  After just barely not qualifying this past year I have now been more motivated than even to achieve this dream.  I honest to god was even thinking about it during most of my run this morning, how I was ready to really put in the speed work, time, effort and everything I had in me into getting to Boston.

This exact story could have come from the mouths of any runner who participates in marathon races.  This race is a dream, an aspiration and for some a life goal.  Runners have poured hours of their literal blood, sweat and tears into making it to this race.  People have dedicated years of their lives to taking each and every step along this course.

How, after all of that dedication could something that should have been one of the happiest moments of their lives be taken away in an instant?  These were the people who ran because they loved it.  Moms with their babies on the sidelines cheering, grandfathers who have spent 50 years of their life logging mile after mile, 20 something students in their first ever big show.  These were run of the mill people who simply love the sport.

But the thing about runners is, you can’t take away that dedication and love and they don’t just show for their sport.  These people showed the world who runners are: resilient, compassionate, emotional, strong people.  After running a marathon continuing on to help with recovery effort, donate blood and offer aid in any way possible.

So tomorrow, run for your fellow runners.  Run for those who love the sport and those who may not be able to hit the road for a long while.  Run for those who never gave up and never will.  Run for those who can’t and run for those who were robbed the chance to ever run again.

bostonMy dream hasn’t changed a bit, but my inspiration has become that much stronger.

Thank you to all the heros that made the difference today and everyday. Thoughts, prayers, love and miles heading your way Boston!