Swap It Out Sunday

I have had the most peaceful Sunday finishing my book while sitting on the porch, enjoying a naked run through town (it was freakishly quiet, just birds chirping) and now watching The Masters and getting some studying done.

2013-04-14 10.47.22

The book I finished was called The Memory Thief by Emily Colin.  I enjoyed it a lot even though it included a lot of supernatural elements that I usually don’t care for.  The main character Maddie’s husband dies in a climbing accident that he promised to come home from and even after death he tries to keep his promise through another man, Nicholas.  It was a very entertaining story and I flew through it!

Memory Thief

For this week’s swap it out Sunday I was trying to find a safe food to avoid doing something drastic while at amusement parks, county fairs, carnivals, etc.  A go to for these in my family was always a funnel cake, but now it seems you can pretty much deep fry anything: snickers, Oreos and even cheesecake!

fair food

With all of these insane treats around you, with very few options around to even try to make a good decision I found the best alternative I could come up with!

Funnel Cake: 760 calories/ 44g fat

Fried Snickers: 444 calories/ 29g of fat

Fried Oreo: 232 calories/ 14.4g of fat

Kettle Corn (not to be confused with carmel corn): Various results in my research but ~115 calories and 8 grams of fat in 2 cups

So there you have it, your best bet is definitely the kettle corn.  The best thing about this is that its salty and sweet and you can eat a good bit for a lot fewer calories than any of the other treats!

Farmer’s Market is Back!

So today was jam packed and almost all of it was enjoyable (even the time spent studying if you can believe it)!

I started off getting some work done early before going to the farmers market with my friend Jenna.  We even took Scarlett (which may have been more trouble than it was worth –> so many distractions, but it was good to get her out and about again)!  We also went to the Charleston Artist’s Markets.  There are some really incredibly talented people in this area I have to say.

Lots of goodies at the market!

Lots of goodies at the market!  Top right was almost Scarlett’s new sister; Right Middle: head board made from scrap wood and tin, so beautiful; Left Middle: the Best Marshmallow of my life @Haypenny

I was able to get so many fruits and veggies for pretty cheap.  I usually am under $20 but went a little over board today.  I had three full grocery bags of fresh fruits and veggies including a watermelon so you really can’t beat it!

I also have to put a plug in for Haypenny Confections!!  I had the Honey Vanilla Chai marshmallow today and it was to die for!  They even had cute little roasters that you could just have a single marshmallow.  They had the most incredible flavors and some of the flavors you could buy in a pre-made home-made smore’s kit with various flavors like vanilla, toasted coconut (Jenna had this and said it was awesome) and so many others.  It would be the sweetest little gift to give someone for any occasion really.  I mean who wouldn’t like a flavored smores kit, lets be real.  And after that ramble about a marshmallow it has to be apparent to you how much I loved it!

Pet Helpers was also at the Artist’s Market and we made the mistake of going up to see the adorable 8 week old lab puppies.  Scarlett and one of them played for a while and had such a good time (made Scarlett look huge though, my baby is growing up).  I wish she was just a little older and I think we would have gotten one of them.  But if anyone is interested in a puppy, contact Pet Helpers because there were still three left when we left there today.

With my best girl!

With my best girl!

After finally tearing myself away from the market (and the puppies) I headed out to Starbucks to study for a few hours and got a lot accomplished.  I went for the most amazing run, the weather is so perfect for running I can’t believe it.  I changed out all of my winter clothes to store for the summer and made a fairly large pile to finally donate after carrying around clothes that are 6 sizes too big for me for two years (yay for that though)!

So all in all, I’d say it was a pretty productive Saturday.  Thank goodness the market is back, I feel like I have been waiting forever!

Do you shop at your local farmers market?  How long does yours go during the year?

Have to brag: our will run until December, one of the perks of living in the south 🙂