Who’s eating 5 chips?

Portion sizes are one of my arch nemesis’s!!  I mean seriously, who’s eating a half a cup of ice cream, thats like two bites, lets be real.

I have had a tendency in the past to start out measuring everything out all nice and neat and then I start eye balling it.  Within 2 weeks my ‘eye-balled’ cup has doubled in size.  I also don’t want to be the girl that is literally in the corner counting her chips or measuring her ice cream.

I found this lovely chart on pinterest that I have been using as a quick reference and I love it!!  It keeps me honest without looking crazy!


On a different note, today was the most glorious day for exercise ever!  My run was fantastic (maybe even a little warm).  I got some solid tan lines, a good sweat and then capped it off at the gym to do the Mission Impossible Cardio Strength Circuit.

Off to watch the basket ball game…not sure who I want to win but it should be a great game!!