Swap It Out Sunday

Potato chips are one of the more popular snacks out, especially once barbecues start full force with the beautiful weather coming in.  However, chips are one of the more processed, fattening things we can put in our bodies.  I have even gotten to the point that I don’t even like them that much.  They just taste so fake.  I have appreciated some of the baked alternatives and tortilla chips aren’t bad, but the potato chip itself I tend to avoid.

As an alternative to a chip bowl, a fruit bowl can go right along with a barbecue as well.  And your bathing suit will thank you!


One serving of chips can run you about 150 calories and 10 g of fat (and that is for 15 chips, I don’t know many people just eating 15 chips).  In one cup of pineapple there is 78 calories and 0.2 g of fat.  Plus, with pineapple you get nearly 100% of your vitamin C and manganese and plenty of other good nutrients.

So next time you go to a barbecue and you have to bring something, think about fruit instead.  I know fruit trays at the store can get expensive, but if you plan ahead and make your own you can get your own fruit (whatever is on sale at the store or at your local farmers market) and slice it up.  It is a lot cheaper that way and you know its is super fresh!!