Like the Rainforest

I have never sweat so much in my life and I have run multiple marathons in pretty high heat.  It was insane.  At one point it literally sounded like it was raining in there people were sweating so much.

Hot Yoga Mess

Hot Yoga Mess

My fingers were literally this pruny from sweating!!

My fingers were literally this pruny from sweating!!

All day I was vigilant about drinking water (hitting over 100 oz. before class).  I felt like I was peeing every five seconds.  But I was glad I did this once I got started.  I went to the gym first and put in two miles just to keep the streak going and then strolled over to where the class was.

I went in, got ready, put my stuff in a locker and braced myself to enter the room.  I was glad I got there early enough to just lay on my mat in the room for like 10 minutes before we got started.  I was nice to just take some time to acclimate before diving in.

From there we proceeded with the class and it wasn’t as scary as I was anticipating.  It’s all in your head, your own practice.  You just take things as far as you want and push yourself as much as you can. I really loved it, and I really feel great now.

If you have never done it, I really recommend trying it.  I’m sure it isn’t for everyone but I am already dreading my 10 classes being over.  I am definitely going to be facing a dilemma when they do…

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