Lets Go Streaking in April

April Fools!!  No way I’m going streaking anywhere!

However, I do propose we all go “streaking” together in April!  I am challenging you all (me included) to go on a streak of runs.  Everyday in April, log at least one mile.  Swim suit season is rapidly approaching (it will literally be here any day in Charleston) and those awful mirrors in Victoria Secret may look a less awful after a streaking challenge!

I had been planning to instate this challenge for about two weeks but started rethinking it during my run today.  Granted I am standing firm, I really struggled today.  It was our first reasonably hot day, town was crazy busy and it just wasn’t a good run.  But we all must just power through!!  And now, post shower, I feel great and so happy I just chugged along and got it done!


(And I’ll be in a really good mood when I can enjoy that glass of wine guilt free at Casey’s brother’s birthday dinner tonight)!

So who’s with me for good streaking in April?!  Have you ever been ‘streaking’ before?  If so, how long?