To The Beat of Your Own Drum

A few weeks ago I went to a running clinic and cadence was something that was talked about, ALOT!!  Then today I read an article in runners world about “Chi Running” and this highly emphasized the importance of cadence while running as well.

This spurred me to do some research before reporting what I had read and heard.  Ideal cadence ranges are reported between 170-180 steps per minute when counting both feet (85-90 if only counting one).  The idea behind the importance of cadence is:

  • You will have less steps if you are over-striding
  • You will have more if you are under-striding

Both of these scenarios can be problematic as far as injuries go.  So the cadence itself isn’t really what you are concerned with, it is what the cadence indicates which is what your stride length is like.

How to use this:

  • For the first few runs, the Runner’s World article suggested using a metronome to count off your steps which I think is a great idea.  However, the author continued to use this for a long time (which would drive me nuts eventually)
  • After a few runs, return to whatever you were used to during running (musics, audiobook, etc) but every five minutes or so, block off 30 seconds to count your strides.  So if you count your left foot only, you want to be between 40-45 steps.
  • As you start to learn how it feels, maybe just start out your runs being conscious of the steps and counting them out for a minute and then continue along your run.




I have always been concerned with my stride because I’m so short, it was great to have a way to monitor what I am doing and what I should be doing rather than trying to measure out each stride (thats just nuts).

If you are in Charleston, come meet for the Lululemon run group on King Street at 6:00, I’ll be leading the five mile route and this is a three mile option as well!  Happy running all!!

Don’t stop, they’ll catch you!!

Right now is pretty much the first time I have stopped moving since 8 am.  I started with a doctors appointment at 9 (that they didn’t actually get me in for until 9:40 and I had class at 10…I was freaking)!  Then class and meetings straight through until my neuro exam at 3.  P.S. To any of you teachers out there, there is nothing worse than having an exam  in the afternoon after having class all day (sincerely a stressed out student!).

After finishing my exam, I squeezed in a run and hit the gym for the Beach Ready Circuit.   I really pushed my run too hard and too fast (and it was incredibly windy) so I was pretty spent by the time I started lifting.  Of course this is a pretty challenging circuit too so I made it through but it was definitely not my best effort.

Then I raced home, showered and left to meet my friend Lindsey so she could try and make a final decision about her wedding dress…YAYYYYYY!!  Through this process I have decided that someone else will be picking my wedding dress, and planning the whole wedding, I’m just showing up…SO MUCH STRESS!!

In the craziness of the weekend, I totally forgot to update everyone on Scarlett’s shenanegans!!

Sunday, while I was feeling very sick to my stomach and awful she decided to eat my Michael Kors watch, I was soooo mad when I woke up.  But the fun certainly didn’t stop there.  She then decided that it was a good day for her first swim and jumped in a huge puddle and completely submerged herself and HER CAST that can’t get wet.  I wish I had been with it enough to snap a picture of her soaking wet because in hind sight it was pretty funny and cute but I was just too mad to think that at the time.  All I can say is its a good thing she is so stinkin cute or she may have had a new home by Sunday night.

Scarlett in the dog house

Scarlett in the dog house

Lastly!!  I know you guys have great fitness challenge ideas, I have thought of so many fun ones already so I urge you to leave them as a comment on the Give Away Post to win the slow cooker!!  Get creative y’all…can’t wait to see what you come up with!!