Yay for a Give Away!!

Recently, I have started using SlimKicker.com for my food and exercise log.  It has been awesome, especially because it appeals to my highly competitive nature (who of you guys would have guessed?!).

The site works as a food log just like other sites and apps, but heres the kicker (I’m so funny sometimes), there is a competition component to it.  This site gives you various challenges you sign up for and earn points.  You also get points for logging exercise, food, etc.  You can get friends on it and compete against one another to give you the extra edge to get ready for the upcoming bathing suit season.

SlimKicker also has lots of promo codes for health-related retailers such as Bowflex and many others.

Slow Cooker

Slow Cooker


They have also offered to give away this awesome slow cooker to whoever can come up with the best new challenge idea!!  Everyone loves a great cooker for soups, chili (on cold days like today), over night oatmeals, etc.

Ex: 20 push ups/day for 1 week

So I urge you to leave your awesome idea as a comment.  SlimKicker will chose their favorite idea at the end of one week and the brains behind it will win the slow cooker!!  GOOD LUCK!!  (SlimKicker has asked that entries be limited to those from the USA, if you are from outside the states, stay tuned for future give away opportunities).

Note: I do not work for and/or have received any incentives for providing this information and/or including their giveaway on my blog.  My opinions state above are completely my own.