Swap It Out Sunday



I pretty much require something sweet every night.  Seriously.  If we have nothing, I will eat plain mini marshmallows just to get the sweet taste in.

I used to be a three oreos and milk or ice cream or cereal every night girl but I knew that had to stop.  But that didn’t mean I had to deprive myself of the sweets that I loved, I just needed to find different sweets.

Jello sugar free pudding snacks were the perfect solution for me.  They are small, with few calories that really did the trick to satisfy my sweet tooth.  The other thing I have done is buy dark chocolate hershey’s kisses to keep in the fridge so after lunch I could pop one of those bad boys in and solve the sweet problem then for 20 calories.

For my oreos and milk I was consuming 390 calories.  The jello puddings are 60 calories.  That is a massive difference.  This change alone saved me 2,310 calories a week (a little less than a pound) and 120,120 over the course of a year –> thats 34 POUNDS y’all!!  HUGE, MASSIVE change!!

So next time you reach for the oreos think about your good old jello pudding instead for a lighter solution to your sweet fixation!

P.S.  Sorry I missed the SIOS last week, with the race and traveling it just had to give.