Disclaimer: You are now officially warned


I have shared this before, and I will share it again because it is how I am feeling now and I think it is a fantastic message, especially in light of my day.

After going to the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Clinic today I am writing once again with a heavy heart and appreciation for the little things in life we take for granted.  For those of you who continue to follow my blog, know that you will get some “appreciate the life you have”, “life is a wonderful thing”, “we all really have it so easy”, etc posts from me.  Here is your fair warning!

Seeing the patients we see sometimes for physical therapy makes me realize how much I have lived my life in a bubble.  Not once in my life have I had to worry about being shot, or where my next meal would come from, how I would pay for my doctors appointments or the shoes on my feet. Never, not once, have I not been able to have everything I need to live my life in a healthy way and more.  Not to talk crap about my bubble, I loved my bubble, it was so warm and happy and devoid of the devastation that exists in the world.

What I need to do is take all of the opportunities my “bubble” has afforded me and help those whose bubble may have popped from the time they came into the world.  And I vow to you all now, I will do so!

Should the patient we saw today (spurring this whole post) continue to help himself and get the free care we can provide him, we are going to head up a serious fundraising effort to help get him medical necessities that can help him avoid simple health issues that can turn life threatening, quickly.

I am asking you all for your help, if you have done any major fundraising and have some great ideas that have worked for you, please, please, please share them!