Let the Madness Begin

I admittedly couldn’t give two hoots about college basketball, until March madness, then I turn basketball crazy.  You can call me whatever mean spirited name you like for being like that, but I am always gung ho once the tournament begins.  Usually it is because I have a bracket made and I am a competitive human (bet you never guessed that about me)!

I was going to post my brackets here but I can’t get them small enough on my computer to get them to fit in a screen shot.  Both of mine are very different, and of course the one I have money on is doing worse, go figure.

In honor of the madness, I made a new circuit work out that nearly drove me mad.  This thing was hard y’all!!  I considered stopping a few times but sucked it up; seriously glad I did.  I know I am going to be hurting tomorrow.

Mission Impossible Circuit

Mission Impossible Circuit

I found some pictures online of questions I thought might be new.

Chop lift

Chop lift

Squat and reach, just add curl before the reach!

Squat and reach, just add curl before the reach!

Good luck with that one!

Hope your brackets are doing well so far!  Happy Thursday!



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