Something New

There is a local race series called Race the Landing at Charlestowne Landing that runs from May-July.  There are five 5-k races on Thursday nights through those months.  Each run has a different theme night with food and beverages after.  What could be better than than?!  The races are also held in a beautiful location…

ctlrunIt just doesn’t get better than that.  A few of my friends got married here about a year ago, it is gorgeous.  Also, if you register for all 5 you get them for the price of 4.

Sounds perfect right?

I thought so, with one little hiccup…

I have NO idea how to run a 5k anymore.  I looked up my Athlinks, the last time I ran a 5k was in 2008!!  SERIOUSLY?  I couldn’t believe it.

I know I can run a lot faster than a marathon or half, but I know that to my mind that will mean SPRINT, and I will be worn out in a half mile.  I will have to do some practicing with shorter runs and maybe start throwing in some speed work for sure.  I will probably run the first one to feel it out and then go from there I guess.  It will be fun to have something fun and easy to do for a few hot months before getting back into marathon training for a Fall marathon (potentially OBX).

If anyone has any tips for running a fast 5k without burning out early, help a girl out.

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