Hotlanta Trip

The trip was a fantastic success.  We had such a great time with all of my friends we went to see!

Friday, Casey and I went to the aquarium, we ended up running too my friend Cassie from Charleston at the very first tank we went to.  The aquarium was pretty awesome, but we didn’t think it lived up to all the hype everyone made about it.  Don’t get me wrong, it was great but so many people told us it was the greatest one in the world, and sorry guys, I’m just not buying it!



After that, we just strolled around Atlanta for a while and had a snack before we headed back to my friends house and we all went for dinner at a place called the Vortex.  I can’t believe I dropped the ball on taking a picture of my burger, it was AMAZING!!  Burger, pepper jack cheese, guacamole = soooo good!

Saturday, we went to the expo to pick up our race packets.  It was a pretty awesome expo, and I discovered my new favorite thing: Bicotti Butter.  I will have to use it sparingly but I am obsessed.


After the expo, we went my a friend of my friends house for an awesome St. Patricks day party.  The weather was great, we sat on the back deck and soaked up some rays, had some drinks and food and hung out.  Later that night, me and my two friends played a few hours of “Hey remember when…” which was great.  I love talking about my years on the beach patrol with people that lived it with me.  Casey was such a trooper through all this, that can get really old from the outside I know, but we just couldn’t stop!

Race Day:

My friend decided to do the 5k because this was going to be her first half and she got really busy and didn’t feel well enough prepared.  This left me in a conundrum.  I hadn’t really prepared to race it, but I know my personality and I was fairly certain that I couldn’t run in a race like this and just go for a jog in the park.

I decided to just run comfortably hard and see how I felt.  At about mile seven I started talking to a guy who asked me what my goal was, I told him I PRed 3 weeks ago with a 1:40ish but I would be happy under 1:45.  He said, “Girl you are more than half way done and on pace for a 1:40, GO FOR IT!”  He split off to do the full and I decided to kick it in…just in time to hit the two miles of steady up hill from 9-11!

My cross country coach in high school taught it to work the uphill and coast down so thats what I did.  Mile 9 was my second fastest split (7:20) other than my last mile.  My butt is sore, trust me!

I finished 7 seconds short of a PR.  WOMP, WOMP!  However, I averaged a faster pace because I accumulated a lot of extra distance since it was so much larger of a race than Folly beach and I had to do a lot of dodging!  I still completely view this as a success.

Top right: my friend Jess finishing!

Top left: my friend Jess finishing!

race statsNow we are just hanging on the couch, recouping from the weekend before getting back to the grind.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

6 thoughts on “Hotlanta Trip

    • Thank you!! The race was definitely a surprise, but when you are feeling good, just go with it, right?
      Scarlett is doing great, almost too great. She is running around like there is nothing wrong with her!
      Good luck in your race next weekend!!

  1. You did awesome! Thanks for the pic, I was too focused on finishing to see you in time!
    I’m just hoping Indy is better than ATL!

      • May 4th. I did 2 miles Wednesday, 4 Friday and 5 Saturday. This week is all three 4-milers and a 6-mile long run, then building from there. I feel like 4 miles is so low! lol, but forcing myself to stick with it for recovery. My legs definitely aren’t back to normal yet!

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