Atlanta: Day One

We made it to Atlanta!!  Scar was a trooper as always on the trip, she is just the greatest puppy y’all!

2013-03-14 11.02.21

Once we got here however, Casey got a splitting migraine so our hopes of going to the park with the pup were out.  Instead, we trekked over the local grocery store, got him medicine and everything we needed to make a birthday dinner for my dear friend Allyson when she got home from work!!  Casey took a nap while I whipped up Chicken Pot Pie (Pi day you know!) and Paula Dean’s Ooey Gooey Cake.

Yum, Yum!

Yum, Yum!

I already want to be home so I can eat better, but its only a few days, I will be able to recover quickly when I get home!

Now we are getting our things together to head over to my other friends house, drop off the pupster and head into down town to go to….THE AQUARIUM!!  We are so excited.  Pictures to come!!