Swap It Out Sunday

Since it is starting to get warmer out (at least here in Charleston, sorry to rub it in) and spring/summer and rapidly approaching I started thinking about cookouts and more importantly Hamburgers!!  YUM!

Your choice of beef/meat for these can really make a difference.  We are turkey burger lovers, seriously.  I know some people just love the ground beef though so I offered up two swap it out options this week.


burgers These calculations were based on a 4 oz. burger so if you are eating burgers bigger than that you could save even more.  I know that the leaner meat is usually a little bit more expensive but the health benefit you reap from cutting out all those fats and calories could really save you a ton in the long run.

Happy Sunday!  Make good choices, you’ll thank yourself later.

Fitness: Not for the Faint of Heart

The other day I was talking to a friend about working out who said, ” I am just not ever going to be like you, I don’t wake up every day excited to work out.”  I laughed, out loud, literally.  I have to tell everyone that is working to get into a routine of fitness, those of us that do it 5 or 6 days of the week aren’t doing it because it is rainbows and butterflies all the time.  We don’t get up at crazy hours before work/school because it is the best thing that happens all day (some days this is true, but I would say no more than half)! We don’t live to work out, we work out to make a life worth living.

Some days are glorious and amazing, some days I am dragging myself out the door and some days I am just grinding it out.  Some days I am 30 minutes into the work out and I’m still thinking, I wish I had just stayed at home.  But never, not once have I gotten home and stood in the shower and not felt amazing about what I had just done.  Some workouts, my sole motivator is to get to that shower where I can feel good about what I have accomplished.

Some days runs take me to views such as these…


…and others I’m at the gym watching things like this…

…which remind me that running can be really fun!

The when I reach for things like this…

Made these today to take to Casey's parents tomorrow (link to recipe from another blog)

Made these today to take to Casey’s parents tomorrow (link to recipe from another blog)

…I reach for 1 instead of 3.  Not because I think that it won’t be amazing in the moment, but because I will lay in bed that night and know I enjoyed the one I had and didn’t over indulge.

At the end of the day, your motivation is what is most important and what will keep you going.  My motivation isn’t to fit into a size 0 pants, or look good in a bikini or never eat a single sweet for the rest of my life (that would fail in 2.2 seconds).  My motivation (at the ripe age of 23) is to be able to run around with my kids and teach them how to play lacrosse, to be able to hold my grandkids one day and see them get married.  As crazy as that is to think now, I feel like I have a head start to being successful.  These are so much more meaningful to me than the bikini and the tiny pants (although added bonus if this happens along the way).

I urge you to find your motivation.  Know that every day won’t be easy, but every day added up will be worth it!