Swap It Out Sunday

Sorry I have been MIA for a few days, we have been having internet issues that make posting a little difficult!

This week’s swap it out sunday is a look at a popular sandwich condiment: Mayonnaise.  For some people, I know this is a switch that simply can not be made because some people just can’t like the alternative, but if you can, it can mean big calorie savings.


Mayonnaise has 100 cal/tbsp where miracle whip has only 40 cal/tbsp.  I’m not a big mayo/miracle whip user but when I do use it to make tuna fish or something I use miracle whip light which has even less.

If you have a sandwich each day of the work week, you could save 300 cals/week adding up to 15,600 over the year and 4 1/2 pounds.  Even more, if you can eat a sandwich without this condiment at all you could save 500 cal/week and 10 pounds over the year.  And that is under the assumption you are only using the given 1 tbsp which most people probably are not!

Quick recap since I have been MIA.  We went to a friends house for dinner friday and he made homemade short ribs that were TO DIE FOR.  He also made a medley of vegetables including rutabagas, turnips and butter nut squash.  I had never had rutabagas or turnips before and they were DELICIOUS and healthy!  

Saturday, I went and did health and fitness screenings at the special olympics which was really fun.  The athletes (for the most part) have such a sunny disposition and I have never been given so many hugs in a hour hour period in my life!

Afterward, I hit the road for a longer run to make sure I was still long run ready since 2 weeks from now I will be hitting the road with a friend for her first half in Atlanta!  Despite the cold, it was a great run.  I just started a new audiobook for longer runs and so far its really good.  I got the newest Jodi Picoult book (it just came out Tuesday I think) called The Storyteller.  I am already sucked in, if I wasn’t sore today from Friday’s yoga session I would probably be trying to get in a few miles today just to listen to it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Three school days this week and then this girl is on SPRING BREAK!!  wooo hooo!