Another busy day in the books, but my outlook was changed from the start.  Each and every days is an opportunity and it should be viewed that way.  I am certainly guilty of not seeing it like that but every once in a mile I get a poignant reminder of just that.

I had a wound care observation this morning which I was dreading because I wasn’t sure how I would handle seeing wounds that are down to the bone.  That part ended up not even being that half of it.  I can’t say much about my patient (due to HIPAA) but I left there realizing that anything can happen at any moment in your life that can take away your ability to stand, wiggle your toes, even something as simple as breathing on your own.  I can’t explain to you my feelings this morning leaving, and through out my day today.  It just makes me realize too that this must be the perfect job for me because I am still so focused on something that happened over 12 hours ago.

The rest of the day was busy and I made the most of my time, especially with a lot of cooking.  Our bake sale ran out of goods so we needed more for tomorrow, I made my regular old chocolate chippers, but I made them with chocolate chunks, mini chocolate chips and I made them HUGE!!  Each one is like 3/4 the size of my face.

While those were in the oven, I cooked up a shrimp and bean stew type thing that I have been dying to try from runners world magazine. (Picture title linked to recipe)

It was awesome.  I used frozen shrimp (fresh would have been better probably but that is expensive)!!  I also got really small ones because all the other ones still had tails on which I didn’t want to deal with.  For the amount it made it cheaper and the ease of eating it, going frozen was totally worth it.  This didn’t take more than 20 minutes to make (and it will be more than 4 servings for me as the recipe indicated).

After CSCS review, I went to the run clinic that Lululemon put on today.  My favorite thing I learned is that your step frequency should over around 180 per minute regardless of speed.  To increase speed you should be increasing stride length rather than increasing step frequency.  We did a quick test, running 30 seconds and counting our steps on one foot.  For that amount of time you ideally want 45, but can be ‘good’ between 42-48ish.  My stride is a little short (I was about 50/51 steps per 30 seconds) which was not shocking.  I am glad I know something new to work on now.

Now I am babysitting/studying and enjoying the fact that yesterday and today are over.  I am exhausted, I don’t know how people do things from 6:30-10 every day.  I’m young, I should be able to keep up people!!  I am enjoying the feeling of being tired now though and making good use of the ability my body has to do amazing things!

I challenge you tomorrow to enjoy the most mundane task you have to do that you may hate.  Whether it is your hour commute or interacting with the co-worker that drives you insane.  Enjoy the fact that you are there, doing it!!