Are you trying to scare me? Mission Accomplished

Today we had a lovely meeting at school about our comprehensive curricular examination.  Doesn’t that just sound joyful.  First, we have a written exam that will cover everything I will have learned in the past 2 1/2 years in August (with a practice version in June).  Then we have a “performance” type comp called the OSCE that I go and demonstrate all the skills I have learned in the prior 2 1/2 years in front of all my professors in October.  The excitement is killing me!

In addition to that, I decided last week that I am going to try to get my CSCS (certified strength and conditions specialist) certification this May.  I thought it would be a good review for part of these comprehensive exams.

So to say I am a little stressed would be an understatement.  I am excited to sit for the CSCS exam and have been trying to study for it gradually (amidst all the other studying) but who knows how it will turn out.  Hopefully I haven’t bit off more than I can chew.

After coming home from this lovely meeting, did I hit the books as would be logical?  Nope, I went running and then to lift at the gym.  I got in about 4 miles (OUTSIDE which was a huge plus since the weather has been so bad) and then ended at the gym where I did my Bosu Blaster circuit x2.  This was a way more productive use of my nerves than trying to stare at the 4 foot tall stack of books in my room and even higher stack of notes from the past years and make a plan to get it all back into my noggin.

Should I start this studying madness even more or just go ahead and jump off the Ravenel Bridge now and save myself the misery?!

3 thoughts on “Are you trying to scare me? Mission Accomplished

  1. Oh my goodness, now you’re scaring me! Running is definitely the best way to calm nerves though…I have a test this afternoon and I’m dying to go out for a quick run, but it’s pouring here!

    In regards to the CSCS test…do you think there would be any benefit to me doing something like that (or a personal trainer certification) before applying to a DPT program?? It’s something I was thinking about looking into.

    • Don’t worry about the comp exams, you can’t even think about it until you are almost done, just worry about getting in first! Not all schools even do comp exams, ours just do it to make sure we are ready to go out on our clinicals for the rest of the time we are in school (another possible thing to look into when looking for school!)
      I think if you had the CSCS or personal trainer it could be good as a resume builder to help you get in. However, if you are busy taking prerequisites those should really be your focus to get the highest grades you can. I am only taking the CSCS because a few of our classes from my first year pretty much cover everything that will be on it so I just have to review to take it.

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