Naked Running Routes

Caught your attention with that title, I know I did…sorry it will prove to be misleading.

I am not the girl that laces up her sneakers at the same time  and run the same route each and every day.  The more different each day and each run is, the better in my book.  Don’t get me wrong I definitely have a route that I default to probably once a week and when I am training and need my runs to be a certain distance, I usually end up on similar courses for the pure fact that I know how long they are.

Default 6-miler

Default 6-miler

I do have to admit how spoiled I am though that my “boring” route runs along the water for at least 2/3 of the run.  When I first got here, you couldn’t get me off the battery, but I do take it for granted now.

The Garmin has made it so much easier to just run free.  I don’t have to map a run before I leave if I need to get a certain distance, I can just go!

Today was great, I did one of my favorite kinds of runs.  I head out of my house, get to a certain point and then go left-right-left-right-left etc at every intersection essentially weaving my way around downtown.  When I run out of road I just start angling a different way until I run out of road again which eventually leads me in a circle-ish route.  The best thing about this is that I end up on all sorts of different roads I am not usually on.  Charleston has some of the most beautiful houses and scenery (as long as I take time to observe it!).

Today's crazy route (5.71 miles)

Today’s crazy route (5.71 miles)

For todays run, I decided to go “unplugged”.  I still used my Garmin so I could look at my route and stuff when I got home (I am a numbers person, I can’t change it) but I tucked it under the long sleeve of my shirt and didn’t look at it the whole run so I didn’t adjust pace, route or anything based on the watch.  I also used to think running without music was pure, absolute, devilish torture.  Lately though I have been re-evaluating this.  I have done a few runs lately without it and I have to say I am kind of loving it.  Areas of downtown are so different so each part has so many different sounds to enjoy.  All of this time I have been missing the gurggling fountains, birds chirping (cliche I know), water lapping on the battery, children laughing and street musicians playing.  I know I sound mushy, but people I beg you to try it.  I am not saying that I will go “naked” for all of my runs but I will definitely be doing it a lot more!

Do you run the same route all the time or change it up?  Do you ever run “naked”?

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