Tests, Tests and oh more Tests

So another test down with only one between me and a little, tiny, miniscule bit of not studying.  Of course the last one is the biggest, most important (at least to me) one of all.  I have been studying for this Neuro test through studying for the other two so I have a good head start for this one.

Today was really busy but I did manage to go to my work study for a few hours and hit the gym.  I usually prefer to run around down town and end at the gym so that I can avoid the treadmill but it was raining again today so running in place it was.  After ~35 minutes of running I started on a new work out.

rainbow wave line background with halftone background,vector illustration

This one was tough.  If you really work to get in as many reps as you can in each interval you’ll be sweating it out, at least I was!

Almost half way through the week y’all!!

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