Swap It Out Sunday

Health bars can be deceptive little buggers.  I think that both of the following options have a place but too often people read “Granola Bar” and automatically assume it will help you loose weight.  Granola packs in calories people!!  I love granola and I eat it often but I keep my portions under control and I usually have it in yogurt with fruit as a meal or a post run recovery rather than just an everyday snack.


If you are just reaching for a snack in the after noon to get you through to dinner, a Clif bar may be a lot more than you need.  I usually stick to Clif bars if I am going for a long run and need some fuel before I go.  Clif bars shouldn’t (in my opinion) be something to just snack on to get through the day, there are just too many calories packed in to them.

If you are currently eating a Clif bar during the day and you swap it out for a special K bar you will save yourself 140 calories.  If you do this every day of the work week, thats 700 calories a week (about a quarter of a pound).  Over a year 36,400 and over 10 pounds.

Disclaimer here: There are absolutely times that a Clif bar is what you need, like pre-exercise this is a perfect source of energy (and a special k bar wouldn’t cut it)!  I love a good Clif bar, but at the right time, for the right reason.

Enjoy the last day of your weekend everyone, and if you are a luck one with tomorrow off for the holiday, enjoy the middle of your weekend! 🙂