Scarlett went Running!!

Today was a huge day for two reasons:

Reason 1: my little puppy girl joined me on our very first run today!!



She made it 2 miles and then I dropped her off at home and finished my run.  She was a little uncertain about what was going on for the first half mile or so but then fell into a pretty good pace with me after that.  She was averaging 8:15 which is not too shabby for a first run, especially since she was kinda all over the place so she was probably really going faster than that!  We decided to log with ASPCA today in honor of our first run together!

I thought this would mean she would pass out and be good the rest of the time, but no such luck!  Guess that means I have to take her further next time.

Reason 2:  NEW SHOES!

Left: Brooks Adrenaline GTSRight: Asics Gel Neo33

Left: Brooks Adrenaline GTS
Right: Asics Gel Neo33

This is always a bitter sweet day.  My Brooks were AWESOME!  The carried me through two marathons and a half and all the training in between.  Which means it was absolutely time for new ones.  I would recommend these to anyone that like a normal running shoe.  These are a little wide, but they are very supportive and cushiony.  They are a traditional running shoe which is usually what I lean toward.  The shoe is a little heavier than most people would prefer to run distance in but I have not had any luck with light weight sneakers: two different pairs injured me 😦

Today went well in my new shoes but only time will tell.  These were an Amazon deal of the day and I did some research on them and they seemed perfect for me and were an awesome price (I think like $40).  So I ordered them and put them in the closet knowing they would be next up.  They are good looking sneakers so even if by some chance they don’t work out for running, I can just wear them around for school and work and what not.  I don’t anticipate this being the case since I have run in Asics very similar to these before and I have custom orthodics to help moderate any possible issues I could have with shoes.

So despite the excessive rain in Charleston, today was a great day with my pup and my new kicks!