Swap It Out Sunday

If you know me, you know that not a day can start without a cup of coffee.  Not only can coffee be expensive if you get it out every day, it can pack in a lot of extra calories.

Coffee vs. Latte

Coffee vs. Latte

Coffee itself has 2 calories, thats right TWO!!!  Even if you add a flavored creamer, its only 37 calories (careful with the serving size!).

A plain grande latte at Starbucks with 2% milk has 190 calories.

Now if you are me and need this every day that is 1,071 calories a week –> 55,692 calories a year saving over 15 pounds (and a lot of money)!

I am not saying that a latte from time to time is bad, I am a sucks for all the great holiday flavors (and the holiday cup) but they can really add up if you are doing it every day!

Happy Sunday!