Life is Sweet

Today while I was running, I just contemplated how good my life is.  So often there are so many things around us that we don’t have, things stressing us out, problems out of our control.  It is hard to take a minute just to think about how good things really are.  I don’t have a ton of money (like none actually: living on student loans), I don’t have a fancy house or car, no trust fund, nor am I really the best at anything.
What I do have is a great family, awesome supportive boyfriend, promise of a future in a job that I know I will love, my health, a great puppy, legs that carry me where ever I want to run and the sun on my face.  So life isn’t perfect and things could be easier, but they could be a lot harder too.

Mushy, run induced euphoria over I promise.

Came up with a new work out for the gym today after my ~4 mile run.  It targets specific muscle groups but gets the whole body involved with the BOSU BALL!

It was an awesome work out. I will not be lifting Thursday though since I have decided to do this race, I don’t need to do all dumb things possible.

Had a great snack when I got home. I have gotten in a bad habit of putting peanut butter on all my fruit every time I eat it. Now there are worse things I could be having for a snack but I was really packing in a lot of extra calories. There was a recipe on pinterest for the easiest fruit dip imaginable so I made it a few days ago and it is awesome. Just mix 1/2 cup peanut butter with 1 cup plain greek yogurt. How easy is that! I’m betting vanilla would be good too.

2013-02-05 15.56.59

Random but I just had to share this too, Scarlett is apparently a fan of the Yeungling…

2013-02-05 17.57.23

Just doesn’t get better than that! Love her!

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