Swap it out Sunday

There are four days of the year that I do not pay one ounce of attention to what I eat: my birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and THE SUPERBOWL!!

For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know that football is pretty much a way of life for me and the bf (lucky guy huh?).  And even more crazy is that the bf is a HUGE 49ers fan, like since he was five years old.  So today is pretty much his birthday, christmas, new years, thanksgiving and easter all rolled into one!  The excitement is palpable as I write this and the game is still seven hours away.

I was trying to think of something for this Swap it out Sunday that wouldn’t be super hypocritical since I will be breaking all the rules today.  After pondering for quite a while I came up with this…

Soda is one thing I almost never drink.  I would say I have a diet coke/pepsi (not one of the people that can tell the difference) once every other month, and that may even be over estimating.  Soda is such an easy way to cut huge calories and I see so many people around me really sucking it down.  I have professors even that come to an 8 am class with a bottle of soda to drink!  Crazy right (well at least to me)!

For those people that have a few sodas a day, just swapping one out for a glass of water could be huge!

Each day you would save 140 calories –> 980 calories a week (about a quarter of a pound) –> 51,100 a year: Grand total of 14.6 POUNDS!!

I know this wasn’t all that creative of a swap but sometimes seeing the numbers in front of you like that can really make an impact.  Just by kicking one soda a day you can save yourself 15 pounds by the end of the year.

So next time you reach for a soda, pick up that bottle of water and get started.

Happy Superbowl everyone!

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