Running is a Privilege

I had no idea that there was a time that women couldn’t participate in marathon races (or many other races for that matter).  In Runner’s World magazine, there was an article about the New York Marathon of ’72 where six women sat in on the start to protest an equal start time and participation in the race.  After this, the AAU had to do some revising of their policies.

I can’t imagine living in a time where I wouldn’t be allowed to run a marathon if I wanted to.  These days, I feel like the sport (at least recreationally) is almost dominated by women.  I would guess that a minimum of half of the people I see out running every day are women.  This crazy article lead to me look up some race stats for 2012.

In the Charleston Marathon (my last race) and Half Marathon, 57% of participants were women.  In the full marathon there were still more men than women but the stats were approaching half.  It is insane the kind of swing in participation there has been just in the last 40 years.  The fact that women weren’t allowed to race still has me flabbergasted, but it made me appreciate my run even more today.

So, sorry guys, this article definitely wasn’t aimed at you, but ladies racing this weekend, enjoy the privelege you have been afforded by “The Sole Sisters of ’72” (Runners World Magazine, November 2012).

P.S. Thanks for all the good juju today, I used it to nail my first neuro practical!!  Happy Superbowl weekend everyone!