Constant Motion

Some days in life it just feels like will never end.  Today happened to be one of them.  We had class from 8-5, straight through lunch because of a test review, I had to get a run in and then we had our first book club meeting tonight.  Granted after 5 was self inflicted busyness, it was busy none the less!

Luckily, our first lab from 8-10 we actually had so much fun.  We were practicing different transfer technique and even our professor was silly and giggly.  This is about what it looked like…

Crazy, right!

Crazy, right!

It is not all fun and games I swear, but I was literally sweating so bad and so thankful I actually work out on a regular basis.  This was practically a work out on it’s own!

The rest of the day was less than eventful.  I got in a decent run and did the yoga for runners youtube video.  I was so good about doing it for about a month and then really dropped off once I made my mandatory once a week yoga rule (which I am still going strong with might I add).  But once I did that, I stopped doing the daily routine as well; I forgot how much better it made me feel!

Once I finally made it to book club, we had such a great time.  I stopped at the wine store on the way out and picked up a bottle, I got totally suckered by the name and the label, but the wine actually ended up being FANTASTIC to be honest!

Book Club

Book Club

I had read the book a few months ago so as we talked about it, quite a few things came back to me and I remembered how much I loved it.  The book really makes you care about the characters (and HATE/DESPISE/PLOT-THE-DEATH-OF  others).  I would recommend this book to anyone.  It wasn’t earth shattering, just cute and a quick read.  P.S. it is told from the perspective of the dog, what is better than that!

Our next book is called The Art of Hearing Heartbeats.  (I’m sensing a title theme so far, haha).  I am hoping to be able to read it over our spring break (which starts next Wednesday, woo hoo)!!  I will let you all know how it is, but I have very high hopes!

And with that, we are over the hump y’all!!

Are you trying to scare me? Mission Accomplished

Today we had a lovely meeting at school about our comprehensive curricular examination.  Doesn’t that just sound joyful.  First, we have a written exam that will cover everything I will have learned in the past 2 1/2 years in August (with a practice version in June).  Then we have a “performance” type comp called the OSCE that I go and demonstrate all the skills I have learned in the prior 2 1/2 years in front of all my professors in October.  The excitement is killing me!

In addition to that, I decided last week that I am going to try to get my CSCS (certified strength and conditions specialist) certification this May.  I thought it would be a good review for part of these comprehensive exams.

So to say I am a little stressed would be an understatement.  I am excited to sit for the CSCS exam and have been trying to study for it gradually (amidst all the other studying) but who knows how it will turn out.  Hopefully I haven’t bit off more than I can chew.

After coming home from this lovely meeting, did I hit the books as would be logical?  Nope, I went running and then to lift at the gym.  I got in about 4 miles (OUTSIDE which was a huge plus since the weather has been so bad) and then ended at the gym where I did my Bosu Blaster circuit x2.  This was a way more productive use of my nerves than trying to stare at the 4 foot tall stack of books in my room and even higher stack of notes from the past years and make a plan to get it all back into my noggin.

Should I start this studying madness even more or just go ahead and jump off the Ravenel Bridge now and save myself the misery?!

Currently Building and Ark

So remember Friday, when I was in happy I-just-did-great-on-my-test-so-I-don’t-mind-running-in-the-cold-windy-rain.  Well that girl is gone and I would like some good weather please!  Will I get so lucky…thats a negative!

I Hate you Accuweather!

I hate you Accuweather!

We have literally had one day it hasn’t rained since Friday, and it was yesterday and I had a rest day.  I should have looked at the forecast and changed that rest day, but hind sight is 20/20 right?

So this girl begrudgingly drug herself into the gym and ran on the treadmill, surviving 6.33 miles thanks to Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Joey and Ross.

Bright shining light in my day though!  My running group I was with every Wednesday night that changed the day to Saturday is returning to Wednesday night starting next Wednesday.  I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself!

Hope you are having better running weather karma than this girl is!

Swap It Out Sunday

Casey and I love a good big breakfast on the weekend but I have recently been using to kinda see what I have been eating, compared to what I maybe should be eating.


The french toast we eat fairly often isn’t too bad as long as I use the sugar free syrup but the bagel sandwiches really pack it in.  Today, instead of having a bagel sandwich was with Case, I made two eggs and a slice of toast, and guess what?  I was satiated, it was delicious and I didn’t feel like I was going to explode.

Best part, I saved myself 375 calories.  The bagel sandwich had 585 calories (with pepper jack cheese, an everything bagel, 2 eggs and 2 slices of bacon) and the eggs with a slice of honey wheat toast had 210 calories.  Since we only eat them once a week, the savings aren’t as substantial, but it would add up to 5.5 pounds over the year.

Today, we went out to Casey’s parents house to have lunch and hang out for a bit.  I decided to try a snack idea I found on pinterest.

Guilt-less Treat

Guilt-less Treat

These could not have been easier and they were so good.  You just slice the banana down the middle, stuff it with a tablespoon of mini chocolate chips and about 8-10 mini marshmallows and wrap it in tin foil.  Throw it on the grill on medium for about 10 minutes and voila!  So delicious and not going to throw off your healthy eating day!

After coming home, I had to prepare a baked good for our bake sale to benefit my school free medical clinic, CARES.  I went with rice krispie treats with a twist.  Peanut butter, in my opinion, should be in every dessert so I decided to add it to my Rice Krispie treats!

I did my best to not indulge in these but I did try and bite (to make sure they weren’t poisonous of course) and they were delicious!  (Click title above for recipe).

Hope you have had a good, relaxing Sunday and are ready for another Manic Monday!

Getting My Butt Kicked

Today was soooo disgusting here in Charleston.  It started raining yesterday and hasn’t really stopped.  I woke up late and lazed around knowing I wasn’t going running outside.  Before bed I thought I would go to yoga if I got up in time, but that didn’t happen.  It was so dark and gross outside and so warm and cozy in my bed.

After getting up, enjoying some coffee, getting some work done and just doing some general lazing around I finally got motivated to move a little bit as long as it didn’t involve leaving the house.  I had heard that vinyasa yoga gets your heart rate up and really gets you moving.  After the class I decided to do on youtube, I would say that is an understatement.

I was sweating bullets from the first five minutes until the end and I know my core is going to be feeling this, the title is no joke:  Connections to Core Power Yoga Class

It ended up being a great rainy day, independent work out but it got me so much more than I expected.

In running news, I add a page to my site about my goal to run a marathon in all 50 states!  I need everyone’s help for recommendations for states I haven’t done and don’t already have a race picked out for…help a girl out please!!

Nailed It!!

There is no greater feeling in the world than walking out of an exam thinking you nailed it, and today my dear friends was how I felt leaving my very first neuro test.  I had been seriously studying for this one for about 3 weeks and kinda let the other two fall to the way side.

The test was at 8:15 and I was done at about 9:30-ish and I was on such a high I went straight for a run.  It barely mattered to me that the harbor looked like this…

Dreary Day

Dreary Day

…and that it was super windy and started raining on me in my last half mile.  I really could barely care less, I was smiling ear the ear the whole time.

Then I went with a friend to see Silver Linings Playbook (which was so good by the way and not just because I am an Eagles and Jennifer Lawrence fan).  It was a very different romantic comedy/drama than anything I have ever seen before.  I also got ‘creative’ for my movie snack.  I didn’t want to derail after my awesome run so I packed up some fruit and two dark chocolate hershey’s kisses to take with me.



Cheater Movie Theater Snack

Cheater Movie Theater Snack

The fruit was all on sale this week so I had loaded up and it made a great snack that I could feel good about!

After the movie, we strolled the mall for a bit and I found these beauties SUPER on sale.



They are mid calf and more casual than anything I have, and fit me like a glove, I knew I had to have them when I tried them on, then saw they were marked down from $90 to $18!!  Talk about my lucky day!!!!

So now I sit with a glass of wine (a favor from the wedding last weekend), reveling in the fact that I don’t have another test for a month and I am not going to do an ounce of work tonight, tomorrow I will have to get back to the grind but until then, this is me.

Happy Friday Everyone!

Happy Friday Everyone!

Foam Rollers May Actually Be the Devil

I tried to take a picture of a foam roller and put devil horns on it but I am pressed for time tonight (stupid neuro exam in the morning) so I couldn’t invest a lot of energy in this.  However I did find this picture…



LIES!!  No one really looks like this on a foam roller, their face is more like this…



I went for my usual run and then hit the gym to lift for a while and I knew I should hit the foam roller for a while.  I was in agony (which is the true indication I needed it).  What I learned was that a) I much prefer The Stick for sure and b) once in a while foam rolling is necessary.  I feel awesome now and will hopefully really feel the benefits on tomorrow run!

So go suck it up and roll it out people!


Naked Running Routes

Caught your attention with that title, I know I did…sorry it will prove to be misleading.

I am not the girl that laces up her sneakers at the same time  and run the same route each and every day.  The more different each day and each run is, the better in my book.  Don’t get me wrong I definitely have a route that I default to probably once a week and when I am training and need my runs to be a certain distance, I usually end up on similar courses for the pure fact that I know how long they are.

Default 6-miler

Default 6-miler

I do have to admit how spoiled I am though that my “boring” route runs along the water for at least 2/3 of the run.  When I first got here, you couldn’t get me off the battery, but I do take it for granted now.

The Garmin has made it so much easier to just run free.  I don’t have to map a run before I leave if I need to get a certain distance, I can just go!

Today was great, I did one of my favorite kinds of runs.  I head out of my house, get to a certain point and then go left-right-left-right-left etc at every intersection essentially weaving my way around downtown.  When I run out of road I just start angling a different way until I run out of road again which eventually leads me in a circle-ish route.  The best thing about this is that I end up on all sorts of different roads I am not usually on.  Charleston has some of the most beautiful houses and scenery (as long as I take time to observe it!).

Today's crazy route (5.71 miles)

Today’s crazy route (5.71 miles)

For todays run, I decided to go “unplugged”.  I still used my Garmin so I could look at my route and stuff when I got home (I am a numbers person, I can’t change it) but I tucked it under the long sleeve of my shirt and didn’t look at it the whole run so I didn’t adjust pace, route or anything based on the watch.  I also used to think running without music was pure, absolute, devilish torture.  Lately though I have been re-evaluating this.  I have done a few runs lately without it and I have to say I am kind of loving it.  Areas of downtown are so different so each part has so many different sounds to enjoy.  All of this time I have been missing the gurggling fountains, birds chirping (cliche I know), water lapping on the battery, children laughing and street musicians playing.  I know I sound mushy, but people I beg you to try it.  I am not saying that I will go “naked” for all of my runs but I will definitely be doing it a lot more!

Do you run the same route all the time or change it up?  Do you ever run “naked”?

Tests, Tests and oh more Tests

So another test down with only one between me and a little, tiny, miniscule bit of not studying.  Of course the last one is the biggest, most important (at least to me) one of all.  I have been studying for this Neuro test through studying for the other two so I have a good head start for this one.

Today was really busy but I did manage to go to my work study for a few hours and hit the gym.  I usually prefer to run around down town and end at the gym so that I can avoid the treadmill but it was raining again today so running in place it was.  After ~35 minutes of running I started on a new work out.

rainbow wave line background with halftone background,vector illustration

This one was tough.  If you really work to get in as many reps as you can in each interval you’ll be sweating it out, at least I was!

Almost half way through the week y’all!!

When to Rest Up?

As a runner, I find it almost impossible to not run two consecutive days.  Sometimes though this is a necessary evil.  For the past three days, I took COMPLETE rest!  It felt so terrible yesterday, but during my run today I realized how much I benefitted from it.

I have a Garmin watch so it keeps track of all of my runs and I can look at them in calendar form.  I had not taken two consecutive days off of running since the week after the Savannah Marathon (early November).  Since then I have run another marathon, a half and am getting ready for another half in about a month.  My legs were just in pain, agony through my run Thursday and I knew I was going to have to take some time off the road.

There is a difference between letting the lazy devil in your head take over and recognize the need for rest.  The way I felt today running proved to me that I had made the right choice.  I ran at a fairly easy pace for about 7 miles and literally felt myself smiling the whole time.  I am going to roll out my legs with “The Stick” later to make that good feeling last for a while.

My key signs that I needed a small break:

  • Pain in my legs for 4+ runs
  • Complete and utter desire not to go (I love going so that really meant something for me)
  • Decreased intensity had no bearing on discomfort: taking it easier should have felt easier but it didn’t

I have always been scared to take a break for fear of losing fitness, even though I know it is impossible to lose that fitness in 3 days.  Moral of the story people: listen to your body and your mind!!  Running is supposed to make you feel good, you should want to go and you shouldn’t be in excruciating pain while you are doing it.  If any of these are true for you, your brain and/or your legs could benefit from a short hiatus.

Also, if complete rest isn’t possible, try yoga or spend a longer than normal amount of time stretching (or using The Stick)!